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Currently reading: Return To Westworld Super Bowl Trailer

Return To Westworld Super Bowl Trailer

Americas favourite sports event the Super Bowl is over for yet another year. With its conclusion a batch of new Trailers and TV spots have just landed. Among those shown was a 2 minute preview of quite possibly the best shows of 2016, Westworld.


From the trailer shown, Westworld appears to be delivering the same high quality production values that made its first season a huge hit. As well as that, it seems there is another dramatic story arc ahead of us as well. Last season weaved a mysterious tale with multiple twists and turns centred round an ensemble of captivating characters. The upcoming season hopefully continues with much of the same.


It’s All About Character

The characters were the high point of Season 1 with Delores Abernathy front and centre. Joined along her journey by William a young man trying to find his place in the world. Delores and William embark on a path of self discovery of sorts, a path filled with pain and heartache.


Along with these two leading the way, there are many other characters with their own story arcs. Among them is Maeve. Maeve is one of the many hosts that inhabit the Westworld theme park. Hers is an intriguing story that gets more and more complex. Maeve has started to remember pieces of a past life so to speak. She becomes a kind of revolutionary throughout the first season. After realising that certain things aren’t quite right she manages to break free of her predetermined cycle and attempt map out a new future for herself and all the other hosts of Westworld.


Outside of the park, the intrigue doesn’t stop. The team of technicians and engineers maintaining the hosts have their own story to tell. Bernard Lowe had his work cut out for him all season long. He tries to keep things in the park running smoothly, while making sure the hosts programming doesn’t get corrupted. I won’t go into to much detail about his story here as it will ruin the surprise for those who haven’t watched it yet.


The Good, The Bad And The Mystery

Within every good story there must be a good villain, something Westworld has plenty of. At the head of the pack is the incredibly intriguing Man In Black. The Man In Black presents himself as pure evil from his first few moments on screen. He is a character he will do anything to get what he wants, which in this case is the Maze! Again I won’t be spoiling things here but lets say his story is that must be paid attention to.


As well as the Man In Black, Dr Robert Ford is the other main antagonist. Ford is the head designer and narrative manager of the park. Ford is a mystery himself who has plans of his own for the future of Westworld. By the end of the season there is a firm divide between the guests and the hosts. It will be interesting to see what stories the writers have crafted for these excellent characters.


A New Exciting Narrative

From the beginning Westworld gave us many unanswered questions, the new trailer is exactly the same. The trailer opens with a few beautiful shots of Westworld’s landscape, nothing that is new. However it is the voice over of Delores that adds to the intrigue. She talks about how this world is beautiful, which it is. As the trailer goes on she continues to talk about how this is a world where you can be free. Freedom seems to be the underlying tone to the upcoming season, as the Hosts have begun to find consciousness. as well as what looks like chaos in the park things aren’t much better outside either. Check out the trailer below and you’ll understand what I mean.



Like many other trailers for highly anticipated TV shows, the Super Bowl trailer doesn’t give a lot away. In the short clips seen we get the opinion that the hosts are revolting. Lead once again by Maeve and possibly Delores. There is a strong sense that their is a war coming for the control of Westworld. Whether this is how the season will play out is unclear still at this stage. All we know is that when Westworld on April 22nd like the first season we’ll be left wanting more each week.


Westworld And Beyond

So there you have it, Westworld is galloping back in to our screens very soon. Personally I can not wait, we here at Gone Full Geek has high expectations for the season ahead. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing where the journey takes us and what new characters might show up. Also with such a wide scope will we see some of the other theme parks that were alluded to? Maybe we will get to visit samurai world possibly?

Are you all looking forward to the new season of Westworld as well?

If so why not leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts and theories.