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Currently reading: Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia – Expanded Universe

Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia – Expanded Universe

“This is gonna ROCK. YOUR. WORLD!”

A few days ago, we finally got a trailer for ‘Part 2‘ of Guillermo del Toro‘s epic, animated fantasy series; Trollhunters., and now we have an explanation for the subtitle “Tales of Arcadia“.

At the time, I did wonder why those in-charge of the series; had decided to append the subtitle “Tales of Arcadia” to the Trollhunters title, but dismissed it as simply a way of differentiating between the first and second part of the series, without using the words ‘Part 2’ or ‘Season 2’.

Anyway, it turns out my assumptions were wrong, and there is in-fact a bigger reason for the introduction of the subtitle: Tales of Arcadia.

Find out what Eli has discovered:


Tales of Arcadia – A Trilogy

That’s right. Tales of Arcadia is going to be a trilogy of animated Netflix series’, essentially creating an expanded universe; to what started with Trollhunters last year.

Tales of Arcadia - Article Full Banner

Del Toro has confirmed that all three series will tie-together, and; based on what we saw in the teaser above, it looks like Trollhunters dorky ‘conspiracy-theorist’ teenager; Eli Pepperjack, will be taking centre stage – or at-least be the one regular character that will link all three series together.

Arcadia Map - Article Full Banner

The threats that loom over (and beneath) the small town of Arcadia are about to triple in quantity, as the second part of Trollhunters returns to Netflix on Friday 15th December 2017, with 3Below landing in 2018, followed by Wizards in 2019.



Two worlds collide in the fantastical tale of Guillermo del Toro‘s; Trollhunters.

Trollhunters v2 - Article Full Banner

The story follows an unlikely hero, Jim Lake Jr., and his friends, as they uncover the dangerous world of trolls.

The multi-Emmy-award winning show returns to Netflix on December 15th, and is perfect for those family evening snuggled up on the sofa.



3Below will follow the journey of two two royal teenagers and their bodyguard, who have fled their home planet to avoid capture by an evil dictator who has invaded their home. Their escapes results in them crash-landing in the small town of Arcadia.

3Below v2 - Article Full Banner

To avoid detection by intergalactic bounty hunters, the trio go into hiding; and attempt to blend into the bizarre world of high school, all the while; working on their ship so they can return home and defend their planet.



Tying the worlds together, Wizards is the final mystical piece to the Tales of Arcadia puzzle, adding that extra magic to an already impressive world of entwined tales.

Wizards v2 - Article Full Banner

This final chapter will link trolls, aliens and wizards together, culminating in an apocalyptic battle for the control of magic and will determine the fate of these otherworldly stories.


Guillermo Del Toro – A True Visionary

The creator of Trollhunters, and the Tales of Arcadia; Guillermo del Toro, is one of my all time favourite directors.

I was first introduced to his work back in 2002, with the Marvel Comic sequel; Blade II, and have since watched many of his works; including Hellboy, Pans Labyrinth and The Strain.

Del Toro Trollhunters - Poster

I am very much looking forward to his upcoming fantasy-drama; The Shape of Water, and can say with absolute certainty; that Konami threw-away what would have been one of the greatest survival-horror video games in history – Silent Hills (a.k.a. P.T.) – that was being directed by del Toro in collaboration with Hideo Kojima.

I cannot wait to see what their collaboration brings with Death Stranding.


What Inspired the Idea?

Before introducing the clip, creator Guillermo del Toro stated:

“The idea was to create three interconnecting series that shared a mythology.”

The brilliant idea of having all these fantastical and mystical tales cross paths within the small town of Arcadia, is one that was inspired by creator; Guillermo del Toro‘s childhood.

“When I was growing up in a small city in Mexico for some reason I thought everything was going to happen there. When I was in 7th grade, we went into the sewers with flashlights — I don’t recommend it — and we actually crossed the city from beneath. That’s where ‘Trollhunters’ comes from,”

del Toro went on to say:

“And for whatever reason, at age 15, I saw a UFO — I have a strange life.”

Those events helped inspire Guillermo del Toro to develop the trilogy.

“I thought what if we do a really complex mythology that criss-crosses in a tiny, little California town, as opposed to happening in London, New York, or L.A. A place called Arcadia. Each of those parts illuminate a different mythological aspect of the town. And you get to meet characters from each of these three series.”


The Adventure Awaits…

Although I am somewhat concerned by the idea of exploring other stories within Arcadia, I am also excited.

Trollhunters Adventures - Article Full Banner

Lately, both the big-screen and small-screen have explored “expanded universes”, and whilst some have worked – such as Marvel’s Cinematic Universe – others have not had the same success… *cough* The Mummy *cough* Dark Universe

Hopefully, given Guillermo del Toro‘s involvement, and his rich style of storytelling, combined with the high-quality animation from DreamWorks, the Tales of Arcadia will be as epic and entertaining as Trollhunters has been so far.


Finally, what do you want to see from the upcoming interconnecting stories that will create the Tales of Arcadia?

Are you a fan of Trollhunters?

Let us know in the comments below.


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