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Currently reading: Star Trek Discovery – Mid-Season Return

Star Trek Discovery – Mid-Season Return

This week saw the return of Star Trek Discovery on Netflix.

Now, I’m aware that some fans and members of the GFG team aren’t happy with this series. I on-the-other-hand, have really enjoyed it so far.


Now, I completely understand that this is not everyone’s perfect vision of Star Trek. However what has been given to us (so far) is surely nowhere-near as bad as it could have been?


Making A Bold Discovery

Before I boldly go forward, let me warn you there will be SPOILERS ahead.

Still here? Okay, here goes…


At the end of the mid-season break we last left the crew of the Discovery, they were about to make one final jump back to Federation territory, after finally getting the upper-hand on the Klingons.

Unfortunately this one last jump went wrong and left the crew stranded in deep space, not knowing where they were.

As it turns out the ship and crew has been transported into the Mirror Universe – something that will be familiar to many Star Trek fans.


Mirror, Mirror

Now they have arrived, the crew discovers that this is a much darker universe. No Federation here. A Terran Empire stands in its place.

Captain Lorca decides the only way to survive is to fit into this harsh new environment while they try to find a way home.

USS Discovery

Although not new ground for Star Trek, it should present some interesting storylines for the next few episodes (at least). With a mirror universe; comes the potential of meeting your alternate self – specialist Michael Burnham faces this possibility.

After the Discovery scavenges a debris field, they find a damaged data core. Information discovered reveals that certain crew members serve on different ships, others however are dead or suspected dead. An opportunity the crew can not pass up on to gain intelligence on the surroundings around them, Burnham assumes her counterparts identity to infiltrate the Terran Empire.


The Enemy Within

Danger is not only outside the ship, as a new threat looms within the Discovery.

A long suspected fan-theory might actually be coming to pass, as more light is shed on the intriguing character of Lieutenant Ash Tyler.

I won’t give the whole game away here, but I suspect big things will happen with him before seasons end. When (or if) the ship returns back to the prime universe, I expect a lot more focus on this storyline.



Brave New Worlds?

Star Trek Discovery has returned with phasers not set on stun what-so-ever.

Yes, there have been some issues with the series – like the use of the F bomb, and more advanced technology than The Original Series. But personally, I’m looking past these issues and am very excited to see where the Mirror Universe storyline takes us next.



How long will it be before any of the crew run into themselves?

Will the ship make it back to the prime universe to help against the Klingons?

Are you enjoying Star Trek Discovery as much as I am?

Please let me know in the comments below.


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