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Currently reading: Star Trek Discovery Just Dropped A Huge Game Changer

Star Trek Discovery Just Dropped A Huge Game Changer

The return of Star Trek Discovery has – so far – been firing on all cylinders. Since returning from it’s mid-season break and the arrival in the Mirror Universe, the show has been doing everything right.

This week’s episode is no different, and has now revealed what could be a massive game changer for the rest of the season.


A Deadly Star In The Night

Be warned that from here on out there will be huge SPOILERS!

Still with me? Good.


At the end of last week, we found that Captain Georgiou of this universe was in-fact the Terran Emperor. If that wasn’t shocking enough, this week we find out in this universe Burnham is in-fact the Emperor’s daughter.

These two are on fine form as the episode unfolds. It is clear from the beginning that Georgiou doesn’t quite trust the presumed dead Burnham. After a back and forth The Empress reveals she believes Burnham to be part of the plan to overthrow her.

Dinner Time

After the threat of death and a public execution, prime Burnham reveals she is not from this universe. This does not shock the Empress at all.


Elsewhere Through The Looking Glass

The rest of the episode has its moments, although none as pivotal as what’s to come – but we’ll get to that later. Lieutenant Stamets has been in a catatonic since the mid season finale, and his week he finally gets to stretch his legs, after what has seemed like forever.

Stamets storyline is the least gripping part of Discovery. To be honest I don’t really care about him or the Mycelial Network. Although now free from the Network he can do a bit more than mumble incoherent gibberish.


Ash Tyler’s trials and tribulations are a lot more interesting. The Klingon saviour Voq has been transformed and mind altered to assume the identity of Tyler.

The mind altering process has gone wrong however. It appears that both Voq and Tyler are fighting for control of one body. How this story plays out and who will gain control permanently still remains a mystery. It also leaves us with the first big question of the week.

Is Ash Tyler alive or not?


The Mirror With More Reflections

After all the other revelations and answers this weeks episode brings us. The last few minutes leaves us with a huge cliffhanger that will now shape the rest of the season. When the Empress and Burnham form a kind of truce, they decide that it would be best that Prime Burnham and Discovery return home. Burnham won’t go without Captain Lorca. To keep up the facade Lorca assumed his counterpart’s identity.


Mirror Lorca is the main adversary to the Empress of this universe. The Empress has Lorca held captive on her flag ship. She believes Prime Lorca is the same as Mirror Lorca.

A treacherous snake with his own agenda. After some explanation, Burnham realises that Prime Lorca is in fact Mirror Lorca! Hands-up who saw that one coming?


Vaulting Ambition

Discovery took great steps forward this week and left many unanswered questions, here are a few that come to mind.

What’s next for Stamets and the Network?

Who’ll win the battle for Tyler’s body?

What kind of chaos has Mirror Discovery caused in the Prime Universe?

What else does Georgiou know that she isn’t telling us?

Finally, the BIG question. If this has been Mirror Lorca all along, is Prime Lorca still out there somewhere?


Hopefully some (if not all) of these will be answered as the season reaches its finale.


Comment below and let me know what you think.