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Currently reading: Doctor Who: Christmas Special 2017 Trailer

Doctor Who: Christmas Special 2017 Trailer

Guess ‘Who’ Made a Comeback?!

I grew up having watched many of the original Doctor Who episodes as a child. Of those episodes, my favourite TimeLord iterations were the 2nd and 4th (played by Patrick Troughton and Tom Baker, respectively).

And, since returning to our screens in 2005, both Christopher Eccleston and Peter Capaldi’s take on the dual-hearted, alien saviour have been the ones I connected with the most.

That said, overall the return of Dr Who has been a huge success for the BBC, and has proven time and again; that British Television can excel in genre-defining entertainment.

Doctor Who 10 - Article Full Banner

When it was announced back in August 2013; that Peter Capaldi would step into the T.A.R.D.I.S. after Matt Smith, I was overjoyed.

I had previously seen Capaldi work his magic in another brilliant BBC television show called; The Thick of It, I knew the iconic Time-Lord was in safe hands.

For me, this cornerstone in British television has had its ups and downs, but over the past few years (Capaldi’s season’s in-particular) it has only gone from strength to strength.


That Ending!

After the highs and lows of Peter Capaldi’s final season on Doctor Who, in the closing moments of the last episode; The Doctor Falls, Whovians were treat to a surprise appearance by the very first Doctor.

In 1963, William Hartnell portrayed The Doctor in the very first episode; An Unearthly Child.

Then in 2013, David Bradley stepped in to portray actor William Hartnell; in the dramatisation of the early years of Doctor Who; An Adventure in Space and Time.

First Doctor - Banner

William Hartnell (left), David Bradley (right)

This TV movie proved a success, and so, the next logical step was to have David Bradley step into the shoes and scarf of the First Doctor himself.


Watch the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special Trailer…

In the 2017 Christmas Special; Twice Upon a Time, the Twelfth Doctor is trapped in a single moment and comes face to face with his past. Check out the trailer:

Although I’m going to be sad to see Peter Capaldi go, I look forward to what is in-store for the TimeLord, and ‘who’ will be next inline to enter the T.A.R.D.I.S.


One Man. One Destiny. Twice.

Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special

“I’m the Doctor…” – TWELFTH


“I… am thee Doctor” – FIRST


December can’t come soon enough.

Share your thoughts on the trailer, and what you hope is in store for the Thirteenth Doctor.


Oh, and one more thing…

Who is your favourite? Is it William Hartnell? Tom Baker? Sylvester McCoy? Peter Capaldi?…

Please find the time to drop a comment below.


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