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Currently reading: The Continental: Who’s back for the John Wick TV Show?

The Continental: Who’s back for the John Wick TV Show?

It was recently confirmed that the John Wick universe will be expanding further; thanks to the prequel TV series ‘The Continental‘ being green-lit by Starz.

The Continental - Article Full Banner

The series promises to maintain the aesthetic and tone of the movies, by incorporating intense shootouts; as well as the insane hand-to-hand combat we’ve come to expect from the John Wick universe.

But for me; the “gun-fu” style shootouts should be limited to the one and only Mr Wick, himself. Hopefully, Keanu Reeves will make one or two cameos as the titular assassin in the TV series.

John Wick GIF

Although still shrouded in secrecy, it’s been confirmed that the television series will focus on how the Continental Hotel – and its exclusive guest-list – operates, exploring the assassin/criminal underworld.


Returning Favourites?

The strength of the movies wasn’t purely down to the main protagonist, or it’s intense stunt-work and stylish gun-play. The world of Wick is extremely intriguing, and strengthened by the supporting roles of Ian McShaneLance Reddick and John Leguizamo.

John Wick - Gallery Full Width 1

Ian McShane as Winston.

Naturally, the best way to tie the TV series into the movie franchise, would be to strengthen the continuity by having fan favourites return as major players for the spin-off series. I really do hope that we get to see WinstonCharon and Aurelio once again.

John Wick - Gallery Full Width 2

Lance Reddick as Charon.

Revealed in an interview with Slashfilm, Starz President of Original Programming; Carmi Zlotnick confirmed that they are “in talks” with McShane and trying to work things out, given how busy McShane is with American Gods series.

John Wick - Gallery Full Width 3

John Leguizamo as Aurelio.

Hopefully negotiations go well, and after they hook McShane, they’ll then get Reddick and Leguzamo on-board too.


The ‘Wick’ Burns Bright

In 2014, the first John Wick was a surprise sleeper-hit for everyone. Although Keanu has; in the past, been criticised for portraying bland and emotionless characters, there is absolutely no-doubt that he is perfect as John Wick – plus who else didn’t feel his pain when he lost his four-legged friend?!

Chapter 2 went with a “bigger is better” approach, and although the emotional stakes weren’t as high as that of the first entry, the sequel certainly increased the crazy stunts, ultra-violent fight sequences and body count.

The Continental - Article Full Banner 2

With Keanu and crew gearing-up to make the third entry in the franchise, currently code-named “Alpha Cop”, fans can be confident that Mr Wick isn’t retiring anytime soon.

John Wick: Chapter 3 isn’t due to hit theatres until May 2019, and although this may be the final film in the franchise; the universe could live on with The Continental.

Director of the John Wick trilogy; Chad Stahelski, will also be returning to helm the pilot episode of the upcoming series. So we can be confident the series will start strong.


Like me, do you love the John Wick movies?

What are you hoping for with The Continental TV Series?

Let me know in the comments below.



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We’ll keep you posted on further John Wick updates, but for now; check out all Movie news.