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Currently reading: Casting News: Doctor Who’s New Companions

Casting News: Doctor Who’s New Companions

New Who…

The BBC has just announced who will be playing the companions, accompanying the 13th Doctor.

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After the July announcement of Jodie Whittaker becoming the first female Doctor, Whovians were then left wondering who would be joining this new iteration of the TimeLord; on her adventures.


After lots of speculation, we finally have our answer:

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The BBC shared this photo, featuring Jodie with three other people, who will also be exploring the vastness of time and space.


New Companions…

Although not much is yet is known about the characters themselves, we can tell you a little bit about the actors who will be portraying them.

From left to right, we have…


Mandip Gill will be playing Yasmin; in the next series of Doctor Who.

Although fairly new to the acting scene, Mandip is best known for having played Phoebe McQueen/Jackson is British television soap; Hollyoaks, and Shazia Amin in television drama; Doctors.

Hopefully this will be her breakout role into the industry. I’ve got to be honest, having only started acting on television in 2012, to achieve a role on the iconic TV series; Doctor Who, within five years of starting out is a great achievement and an even greater opportunity.



Bradley Walsh was one of the actors who was very much rumoured to be in the running as the ‘next companion’, and it now appears those “rumours” were correct.

Mr Walsh will be playing Graham, and as some of you may already know; he is best known as the witty presenter of British quiz show; The Chase. Although some may consider Bradley Walsh an odd choice for a Dr Who companion, he has also starred in Coronation Street as Danny Baldwin, and as Ronnie Brooks in Law & Order: UK.

Bradley is an actor who has lots of potential to steal the show, but I am a little apprehensive about him being cast.

I really do like him, but based on him joining the Whoniverse; not counting his appearance as The Pied Piper in The Sarah Jane Adventures, I fear that audiences will still not be free of the unnecessary stints of silly comedy.

Don’t get me wrong, humour is great, and very much belongs in Doctor Who. But, it needs to be cleverly comedic, and not simply stupidity for cheap laughs.



Tosin Cole is Ryan, the last companion announced (so far), and appears to be the most qualified of the three to star in Doctor Who – having played Lieutenant Bastian in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Tosin has also starred in several British soaps over the years; such as Hollyoaks and Holby City. Although having already appeared in a Star Wars movie; I’d say getting a recurring role on Doctor Who is a greater accomplishment.


Future Who…

After the 2017 Christmas Special says farewell to Peter Capaldi‘s brilliant turn as the iconic TimeLord, fans across the globe will have to wait to see what the new Who; Jodie Whittaker, and new showrunner; Chris Chibnall, bring to the epic television series.

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What do you think of the announcement? Are you happy to see three companions joining the Doctor?

Let me know your thoughts and comment below.


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