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Currently reading: Altered Carbon: Cyberpunk TV Adaptation

Altered Carbon: Cyberpunk TV Adaptation

Tears in Rain, or Tears of Joy?

Joy, definitely joy. When I watched the trailer for Altered Carbon, I have to admit; I was blown away.

Ordered to series by Netflix almost two years ago, I had all-but-forgotten this series was in-development.

Altered Carbon - Article Full Banner

Although we have had a few cyberpunk-esque series over the past few years, Altered Carbon is the first one that truly feels like it could rival the excitement, intensity and be-wonderment of the 1982 classic; Blade Runner, and it’s recent (and brilliant) sequel; Blade Runner 2049.


Check out the trailer below:


“The danger of living too many times… You forget to fear death.”


Given the source material is the 2002 Richard K. Morgan novel of the same name; that won the ‘Philip K. Dick Award’ in 2003. It’s familiar tone and aesthetic to Philip K. Dick‘s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? adaptation; Blade Runner, should come as no surprise.

Altered Carbon - Book Cover

Oh, and for those of you who didn’t know, Richard K. Morgan also wrote the story for the superb sci-fi video game masterpiece; Crysis 2.


Dystopian Future Done Right

Set 300 years in the future, the human consciousness is stored on a memory card type device; known as a ‘stack’. This allows people to switch from one body (called a ‘sleeve’) to another – essentially treating the human body as a wardrobe accessory; rather than the delicate, complex work of design that it truly is.

Having the option to treat these ‘sleeves’ as a disposable item, much like a worn and tattered pair of jeans, this essentially makes the threat of death a slight inconvenience, rather than the finality it is today.

So if you need a new body, it can be as simple as nipping to your local Levis store.


Altered Carbon, Awesome Cast

This sci-fi noir action-drama has an A* cast to support it’s impressive production quality.

Joel Kinnaman (RoboCop, Suicide Squad, House of Cards) plays Takeshi Kovacs, an elite soldier who’s mind was imprisoned for centuries, is revived by James Purefoy‘s (Rome, Hap & Leonard) wealthy Laurens Bancroft – who needs Kovacs to find out who is responsible for Bancroft‘s very own murder. His reward for helping solve this mystery? A chance to live again!

We also have the supporting talents of Kristin LehmanLisa Chandler and Teach Grant to look-forward to.


Cast your eyes over a few screenshots below:

This highly-anticipated cyberpunk TV series; Altered Carbon, arrives on Netflix 2nd February 2018, so we don’t have too long to wait.

Lets just hope we get to see further series continuing the story of Takeshi Kovacs, and Netflix adapt the second and third instalments in the trilogy of novels; Broken Angels and Woken Furies, respectively.


Unparalleled Television

Are you excited for Altered Carbon?

Have you read the Richard K. Morgan novels, and if so; do you have any concerns?

Let me know in the comments below.


As always, for future news about Altered Carbon and other upcoming TV shows – make sure you’ve GoneFullGeek.