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  • Vampyr is coming soon, and personally, I can’t wait to see what it brings. Unfortunately, not every vampire story is worth telling. In fact, I’m sure we’ve all wasted precious hours of our lives watching movies or playing games that turned out to be less interesting than a difficult bowel movement. For example…

    25th January, 2018

  • PlayStation owners rejoice! The next instalment into the widely loved, hugely anticipated God of War franchise, finally has a release date. Sony have taken their time with it, and I was expecting God of War to be released some time late this year. But instead, Kratos will smash his way into our lives this year on…

    23rd January, 2018

  • As you grow up, you learn to appreciate different qualities in a movie. Whilst I still enjoy action scenes and watching sexy women jump around on bungee cords whilst shooting bad guys, there needs to be something more to it. Like a good story and decent character development. Well hopefully we’ll get that and more in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot.

    18th January, 2018

  • At GoneFullGeek, we can’t wait for indie pixel-art platformer ‘Iconoclasts’. With most of us having favourite games from our child hood being 2D platformers, we hope Iconclasts can bring back some nostalgia from the golden days of gaming.

    16th January, 2018

  • Hi-Rez Studios have just announced a new game mode for their free-to-play shooter called Paladins Battlegrounds. Similar games like Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite are already in the main stream; is there need for another battle-royale style game?

    4th January, 2018

  • All of us at GoneFullGeek think that Nicolas Cage is a great actor… well, at least he used to be. With great movies like Face/Off, Con Air, Gone in 60 Seconds, and The Rock under his belt, it’s disappointing that he could end up this desperate.

    1st January, 2018

  • 2017 has been great year for movies, but the new year approaching these are the movies I am are excited for in 2018.

    31st December, 2017

  • It’s that time yet again, Sony have revealed the PlayStation Plus Free Games for January 2018. The GoneFullGeek team has received many new games over the festive season; but some additional free ones never hurt!

    28th December, 2017

  • I’m not sure what my favourite heist movie is, but I know that Ocean’s 11 is very decent. Admittedly, it’s sequels weren’t any where near as good…

    19th December, 2017

  • We all know that Danny Ocean is the man with the plan, but what about his sister? Debbie Ocean is hitting New York City with…

    18th December, 2017

  • Announced earlier this year, PlayStation have given us a first look at Secret of Mana HD Gameplay. Since its original release in 1993, it will be interesting to see how close to home this HD remake is to the original!

    17th December, 2017

  • Ever since Konami made the foolish mistake of firing Hideo Kojima, I’ve been wondering what he’d get up to next. First, I was…

    13th December, 2017

  • Saber Interactive and Paramount Pictures reveal World War Z Survival Co-op first look trailer. Arriving on the PS4, Xbox One and Steam in 2018!

    11th December, 2017

  • Announced at The Game Awards 2017, survival co-op horror GTFO was revealed with an exclusive first look gameplay trailer.

    10th December, 2017

  • Check out the first trailer for the upcoming Netflix series; Altered Carbon. Based on the cyberpunk novel by critically-acclaimed author; Richard K. Morgan.

    6th December, 2017