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Currently reading: #GFGPod Ep7: Our Favourite Movie Trilogies

#GFGPod Ep7: Our Favourite Movie Trilogies

In our 7th Podcast, Myself, Macky, Jon & Danga discuss a few of our favourite movie trilogies and try to rank them.

Not an easy thing to do when you’re as stubborn as we are…

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We chat about Back to the Future, The Dark Knight, the Dollars trilogy, and The Mighty Ducks. Along with one or two more.

Do you agree with our ranking? Do you have your own favourite movie trilogy that isn’t mentioned here?

Join our social circle on FacebookTwitter and Instagram – #GFGpod and let us know your thoughts on your favourite movie trilogies.

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#GFGPod Ep7: Our Favourite Movie Trilogies

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