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Currently reading: Top 10: Jim Carrey Performances Part Two

Top 10: Jim Carrey Performances Part Two

“Hi, Welcome Back”

Well, spank you very much for returning for part two of our top 10 Jim Carrey Performances. Numbers 10 to 6 had some incredible movie moments and 5 to 1 are equally just as strong. so let’s continue with our list and see which will take first place for this incredible actor.

jim carrey

5: “I Had A Red Bull Last Night, I Really Like Red Bull”

It’s unbelievable to think that this film is nearly a decade old. Yes Man maybe a film that has slipped under your radar. But please don’t let the fact that it got panned fool you. This a charming little rom-com that deserves a lot more credit than what it received.

Whilst Carrey is known for his rubber face silly comedy. We see just a naturally funny guy doing what he does best…making his audience laugh. The film will make you laugh, smile and cry with its carefree and charming love story.

yes man

Oh Yes!

Carl is a divorcee and has never really got over his ex-wife, he has become a recluse. Cutting off all of his friends and spends his nights watching movies alone at home.

Through an old friend, Carl is forced to attend a self-help programme whereby the end of it, he has to say ‘YES’ to everything for an entire year.

Now obviously this comes with many hilarious situations but its the romance part that really draws you closer to the characters.

“The Answer Is Yes”

You can really see that Carrey has matured over the years with his comedic choices, this flick is a true gem and is very worthy of a watch. The scene I’ve picked is the notorious Red Bull scene. Carl has just got into bed but gets a phone call asking if he wants to go partying? of course, he answers ‘yes’.

The scene cuts to Carl being dropped off by his friends to meet up with Allison where he’s had far too many red bulls.  Watch the scene being played out down below. Again if you haven’t seen the film, I truly do recommend it, it’s a lovely film. Although the story is very predictable, it’s just an easy Saturday night feel-good movie that I know you will enjoy.

4: “I Do The Cha Cha Like A Sissy Girl”

Back in 2003, we got a massive return to Jim’s comedic form……Bruce Almighty. This film put Carrey back on the map and was hugely successful. Not only in box office takings but from audience ratings also. Bruce Almighty was directed by Tom Shadyac, the director that brought us Ace Ventura and Liar Liar, so we already knew we were onto a winner.

bruce almighty

Bruce is a TV reporter who covers the lighter side of the news and he is desperate to get the position of TV anchor.

Unfortunately for Bruce, this is his real downfall and creates a divide between himself and his girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Aniston).

Bruce is down on his luck and whilst his whole world is falling apart he decides to take issue with God. Blaming him for all his failings and questioning Gods way to rule the human race.

Smite Me, O Mighty Smiter!”

God is played by the epic Morgan Freeman, who decides to give Bruce the power to rule. Now obviously Bruce decides to take full advantage of his new powers and makes his life a whole lot better.

Let’s take the scene I’ve chosen for example. Whilst I fully understand that its Steve Carrell who really does make the scene what it is, it wouldn’t exist if Jim Carrey wasn’t involved. The scene is belly-achingly funny and for me had me rolling on the floor gasping for air.

Evan Baxter is Bruces’s enemy, Evan is constantly rubbing it in his face that he is the news anchor (the position Bruce wants). When we come to this scene Bruce has mastered the full use of his godly powers and he takes full advantage of it.

Watch Bruce get his own back on Evan but be warned….. Your stomach will be hurting by the end of it.

3: “Tonight, It’s My Turn”

Back in 1996, Jim Carrey released his latest comedy, The Cable Guy. Directed by Ben Stiller, this movie had very high expectations due to Carrey’s previous successes, Batman Forever and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls being his latest films prior to this.

the cable guy

The Cable Guy really is a mixed bag when trying to explain how and what this movie is. Even though The Cable Guy is classed as a comedy, the film does have quite a dark undertone.

Chip Douglas (Jim Carrey), is a very troubled individual, his whole life centers around TV and movies. As a child he spent pretty much all of his time in front of the television, not experiencing true life.

This turned Chip into a monster, not knowing how to decipher between the movies in his head and real-life situations.

“Am I Really Your Buddy?”

All Chip wants is a friend and he finds that friend in Steven (Matthew Broderick). Steven orders cable for his new apartment and decides to try it on by slipping Chip $50 to get all the movie channels for free. Chip finds his new victim and Steven has really opened a can of worms, Chip tries to spend as much time as possible making a good friend of Steven.

The scene I’ve chosen for the movie is when Chip convinces Steven into having a Karaoke party at his apartment. Carrey is perfect, amazing energy, very funny and quite a decent voice.

Whilst The Cable Guy didn’t do hugely well, I personally really enjoyed it and liked seeing Carrey do a dark comedy. The story even though dark is quite heartwarming and even sad at times. Again I urge anyone who hasn’t seen it do so and give it a chance.

2: “Alrighty Then”

In Silver position, we have the movie that started it all, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Now, what a film this is! Ace Ventura brought Carrey into the big time with its completely wacky and outrageous comedy. Even with the success of his SNL shows, it was Ace Ventura that put Carrey on the map and audiences around the couldn’t get enough.

Ace ventura

The story is pretty simple…..Ace is an over the top, wacky pet detective who gets hired by the Miami Dolphins to find the teams mascot, Snowflake the dolphin.

Yep, that’s pretty much it but its Carrey’s performance that makes the film as good as it is. Remember this movie was released in 1994 and this was the year that Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump was also released. Yet somehow Ace Ventura is still highly regarded as one of the greats and is known for being Carrey’s best work.

“Hi, I’m Looking For Ray Finkle…And A Clean Pair Of Shorts”

Whilst the film has many stand out moments, it’s this scene that always springs to mind when thinking of the film.

Lt. Lois Einhorn really hates Ace but Ace is always one step ahead of the game. Ace makes a complete mockery of Einhorn’s murder scene and does it the only way he knows how. See how Ace solves the murder mystery with his incredible comedic charm.

This is pure comedy gold and will go down as one of Carrey’s most iconic roles. For me, it brings back awesome memories of times when me and my friends would quote line after line all day long.

1: “Wanna Hear The Most Annoying Sound In The World?”

I will stand by this statement for the rest of my life…Dumb And Dumber is the greatest and funniest comedy OF ALL TIME. Now I know many of you reading this will disagree and that’s fine. But for me, its pure perfection and never ever fails to make me laugh.

From the word go, the film delivers laugh after laugh after laugh with no signs of stopping. And whilst your grasping for air you find yourself in more fits of giggles and having to pause the film to stop yourself from dying.

Whilst researching for the movie, I decided to have a look at IMDb to see what other people thought of it. Just like myself, people are calling it perfection, the funniest comedy of all time etc etc.

dumb and dumber

Now whilst I understand when people say “it’s just too silly” or “it’s just stupid”. I kind of understand but that’s what makes it soooooooo funny. It is ridiculous and it is crude but in a world of so much misery and negativity, don’t we need a bit of stupidity and silly humor?

Of Course we do!

“Hey Harry, Old Buddy, Old Pal”

Harry and Lloyd are best friends and it’s this friendship that makes for an awesome watch. The chemistry between them is movie magic. The fact that they are complete idiots makes it all the more fun. I have to say at this point, Jeff Daniels is just as strong as Jim Carrey in this movie and what a great bit of casting it was.

The story is once again quite simple. Neither of them can hold a job and get sick to death of there mundane lives. Lloyd is a chauffeur and is taking Mary Swanson to the airport. Mary explains that she’s moving to Aspen and Lloyd falls head over heels for her.

“We Got No Food, We Got No Jobs……Our Pets Heads Are Falling Off”

After both losing their jobs they decide to shut up shop and take a road trip to Aspen. The journey from Rhode Island to Colorado is full of some of the greatest comedy moments you will ever watch. It’s difficult to put into words just how good this film is. But if you haven’t seen it or you’ve been living under a rock for over 20 years. Then I urge you to stop whatever you’re doing right now and get it watched. it has some of the best one-liners you will ever hear in your life.

Trying to pick just one scene from this movie is difficult. In fact, its impossible, so watch the video below to see just a handful of Dumb And Dumber’s funniest scenes. Trust me, there’s a lot more than what this clip shows.

“Take Care Now, Bye Bye Then”

Well, that’s it, folks, that’s the end of our top 10: Jim Carrey Moments. Here at GFG, we would just like to say thank you to Jim for bringing us years of joy and laughter. In our eyes, we think Jim is a wonderfully gifted actor, not just in comedy but also drama.

Whilst we know Jim is currently going through a rough time with the events of his ex-girlfriend. We would like to offer our love and support to this great talent. And we wish him every success to in future.

Do you agree with our list? Is there anything you would add or replace in our top 10? Well please comment below and let us know. Be sure to check out some of Jim’s other great movies. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Man on the Moon, The Grinch and Batman Forever to name just a few.

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