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Currently reading: Top 10: Jim Carrey Performances Part One

Top 10: Jim Carrey Performances Part One

Jim Carrey: A Comedic Legend

You either love him or you hate him. For me personally, Jim Carrey is a fantastic comedic actor who has made me laugh out loud on many occasions. As a comedic actor, I would rank him with the likes of John Candy, Robin Williams and Bill Murray. A lot of you will probably disagree…

Jim Carrey

A Comedic Genius

My Introduction to Jim Carrey was when I was 9 years old. My sister had rented Ace Ventura from Blockbuster Video. So myself, my sister and my mum put the video on and we just laughed continuously for 90 minutes. It was the funniest film we had ever seen and from that day forward, we were hooked.

Ace Ventura was released in 1994 and what an impressive year for Jim. In that year alone, Carrey made 3 of the greatest comedy films to ever be released. Ace Ventura, The Mask and Dumb and Dumber, all released in just 12 months, unbelievable!

So here we go, ‘My’ Top 10 Jim Carrey moments:

Number 10: “Must Have Air”

“Alrighty then”, here we go kicking off our list is Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. An excellent sequel with belly-aching laughter, over the top acting and outright stupidity. The scene is absolutely hilarious and just damn right wrong. Ace has gone into detective mode, spying on his latest witness.

Ace Ventura when nature callsBurton Quinn is Ace’s lead witness and the only way Ace can spy secretly on him is with a mechanical Rhino. Whilst the meeting is taking place, Ace’s fan stops working. Now as you know the African heat is pretty intense so being stuck in robotic Rhino can get hot. After the meeting ends,  Ace needs air and quick! When trying to leave, the wheel on the door breaks off and Ace is stuck inside.

Whilst in a panic, Ace pulls some wiring, “Mayday” sparks are flying and smoke is filling the rhino. Ace comes to realize there’s a tiny hole that has appeared at the rear of the rhino. Yes, that’s right, Ace has found his way out. If you haven’t watched the scene then I urge you to watch it. His escape is absolutely hilarious and wrong on so many levels.


Number 9: “The Pen Is Blue”

Another 90’s classic from Carrey and wow what a film. The premise of the story is Fletcher Reede, a high time lawyer cannot stop lying. He wins all of his cases from lying but not only does he lie in court, he also lies to his family.

liar liar

Fletcher clearly loves his son but his job is number one. Excuse after excuse of why he cant be there starts to wear thin on his son. Max,  (Fletcher’s son) has a birthday party and once again Fletcher doesn’t make it. Max, who is hurt that his dad again has let him down makes a wish when blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. He wishes that for just one day his dad cant tell a lie.

Well, this is the funny part. Prior to this scene, we have seen Fletcher embarrassingly telling the truth to everyone he has had dealings with. Cringeworthy stuff, but it’s this scene where Fletcher knows he can’t physically tell a lie. He battles with himself trying his hardest to tell a lie. He’s in his office and grabs a pen, the pen is blue but he’s trying to say its red. The scene is absolutely fantastic and very funny, check it out below.


Number 8: “Little Extra Cheese on The Taco”.

In the year 2000, we got a little film called Me Myself & Irene. Again a fantastic film with hilarious comedy, crude humor and sometimes vulgar, but what was we expecting from a Farrelly Brothers movie? The movie is about a down and out Rhode Island police officer named Charlie. Charlie is one of the kindest people you would ever wish to meet. But because of his kindness, he gets taken advantage of…. a lot! me myself and irene

During the opening few minutes, you see how people treat Charlie. He’s not respected, people make fun of him and even though Charlie knows all of this, he just keeps a smile on his face and pretends not to know.

Well, here comes the fun part. After seeing all this injustice, we get to a scene where we see a different side to Charlie. Aside which nobody saw coming, Charlie is in a supermarket and let’s just say… he snaps!

We learn that Charlie is a schizophrenic, who has a split personality. One minute he’s the loving caring Charlie, a few hours later and he’s ‘Hank‘. Hank is a serious rebel and is basically Charlies built up rage. We meet Hank for the first time in this scene, its a must watch and a great movie all round. Charlies 3 sons also steal the show, the hilarious sex scene, and Hanks ruthless ways of justice all make for a very entertaining watch.  I genuinely can’t think of another actor who could have played this part as good. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you do and watch the video below to meet Hank for the first time.


Number 7: “Good Afternoon, Good Evening And Goodnight”

We return to the nineties with a truly wonderful film, The Truman Show. In my opinion, Carrey never got the credit he deserved with this movie. It was very clear that people didn’t know what to make of The Truman Show. In the 90’s people had only seen Carrey play nothing but silly, goofball and erratic comedy.

So when The Truman Show was released people were expecting some of the same. How wrong they were and this was the film’s downfall. Now nearly 20 years later and the film has become a bit of a cult classic and it’s now referred too as one of Carrey’s greatest performances. And rightly so, the movie is very well acted and shows a different side to Carrey many people had never seen before.

The Truman Show

***Spoiler Alert***

In the movie, Carrey plays Truman Burbank, an ordinary guy with an ordinary life. We see that Truman’s life is actually a TV show. The town he lives in is just a huge studio and all his friends and family are actors. The love of Truman’s life is not actually his wife but for a woman who has left to visit the other side of the world which Truman is desperate to do. Early on in the movie, we see that Truman is paralyzed with his fear of the water. Truman saw his father die in a boating accident when he was a child and could never beat his demons and get in the water.

Over time we discover that Truman feels like something is missing and notices that not all is what it seems. A light falling from the sky, strange messages picked up on his radio and the reappearance of his father who had supposedly died. All these get Truman thinking and even with actors trying to convince him that it’s not true, Truman dreams of his escape to Fiji where his love of his life has gone.

The scene I’m about to recommend does give away the ending of the film. But it does show just how great of an actor Jim Carrey really is, whilst comedy is his forte, he proves that he is a dab hand at drama. The Truman Show truly is a beautiful film with happiness and sadness, great acting and a cleverly written script. I couldn’t recommend this movie enough to people who have not already seen it.

Check out the scene below to see the ending of this incredible film.


Number 6: “You Got Me Partner”

Sticking with the nineties we have a little gem called The Mask. This was Jim Carrey’s 2nd full feature-length film and wow what a cracker. The Mask is a hugely funny film and once again could only be acted with so much energy and talent with Jim playing the lead role.

the maskStanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey) is a bank clerk and a very nice guy. He’s a bit too nice and is quite the pushover, especially when it comes to confrontations. Ipkiss goes out for a night out with his friend but struggles to get in the club. On the way home Ipkiss’s car breaks down on a bridge, whilst feeling sorry for himself, Ipkiss thinks he sees a body floating in the river. Being the nice guy that he is, he hurries down to help him only to discover its just a pile of rubbish… But he finds something that will change his life forever.

The Mask transforms Stanley into some kind of cartoon superhero and its fair to say, he no pushover anymore. Whilst there are numerous scenes I could share from this epic film. There’s one scene that truly magnifies just how good an actor Carrey is. The scene is where… well I’m not going to describe it. All you need to know is its funny as hell and well worth a watch if somehow you’ve not seen it.

View this incredible scene below and ask yourself the question. Could anyone else have done it better?


Well, that is it for part one of our Jim Carrey lists. I really hope you enjoyed it and laughed just as much as I did. Be sure to check out part two which will be coming very soon and see what made it to the number one spot.


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