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Currently reading: Terminator & The X-Files: Robert Patrick’s Return?

Terminator & The X-Files: Robert Patrick’s Return?

The Return of Robert Patrick

Over the years; I have watched many great films and television shows. Many of which were made even better by the presence of a truly great actor… Robert Patrick.

I come to realise, that Mr Patrick has starred in lots of films, many of which I hold dear to me.

This is just one of the reasons why he deserves a triumphant return to two franchises he helped make great. That’s right, I’m talking about The Terminator and The X-Files.

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The first time I saw Robert Patrick on-screen was in 1990, as villainous henchman; O’Reilly, in Renny Harlin‘s action sequel; Die Hard 2: Die Harder.


Bring Him BACK for the Next Terminator

Although his first acting role was in 1986s low-budget sci-fi adventure; Future Hunters, his break-out role was in 1991, as the prototype mimetic poly-alloy killing machine; the T-1000.

Back in 1990, I would never have thought any actor could surpass Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s unstoppable, fearsome T-800. This goes to show how wrong I was. Audiences were blown away by Robert Patrick‘s cold, calculated portrayal of the Liquid-Metal Man / T-1000.

James Cameron‘s exhilarating sci-fi sequel masterpiece; Terminator 2: Judgment Day, was a truly epic movie.

A superb story, a brilliant twist of the main character – changing from villain to hero, stunning CGI (that still holds up today) and an intense score; are some of T2‘s strongest attributes.

But, there was one person who made this sequel stand tall against the original, and head and shoulders above other movies in it’s genre. That person? Robert Patrick.

He owned every scene he appeared in, and was a truly terrifying villain. Proving highly believable in the role.

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When GoneFullGeek met Robert Patrick at CollectorMania in 2017, we attended a Q&A session where he was asked how he managed to give such a convincing portrayal against Arnie‘s tank of a T-800.

Mr Patrick responded to the question by laughing; and explained that he went through an extremely intense training regime, that not only put him at the peak of his physical fitness, but also helped strengthen his mindset.

He went on to say that…

“I had to believe that I could kick Arnold’s arse, and I could.” 

…before laughing jokingly.


“Call to John!”

I know some fans of the Terminator don’t want the franchise tarnished further, by attempting to shoehorn in previous actors for the sake of it. After all, we have suffered through Terminator 3 and Genisys – sorry, Salvation is the best sequel since T2, although that’s not a difficult achievement.

In my opinion, adding Robert Patrick to the cast of the 6th Terminator movie, will not only strengthen it’s chances, but it is also the right and respectful thing to do; given his help in making Terminator 2 one of the greatest sci-fi sequels in existence.

Now, given that it has been 26 years since T2 released, Robert has of-course; aged. So, taking into account that the T-1000 was a “prototype”, am I correct in assuming he was one-of-a-kind? Or, were there many T-1000s produced within some-sort-of assembly line? Either way, this – in my opinion – rules him out of portraying the mimetic poly-alloy killing machine once again.

That said, I think it would be really cool to have him portray a character directly responsible for how the T-1000 would eventually look.

Whether he plays a villainous lab-tech/scientist working for Skynet – which I’ve got to admit does sound more like an episode of Looney Tunes – or someone who; in a similar fashion to events in Salvation, is captured by Skynet and used as a test subject, who knows?

I’ll leave the plot and character development in the much better hands of James Cameron and Tim Miller.

Fingers-crossed they do the right thing, and have Robert Patrick join veteran cast members; Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton for the upcoming Terminator movie – which will act as a direct sequel to T2, ignoring all the other sequels that have since followed it.


The Truth & John Doggett

Right. I’m going to lay all my cards on the table and be honest with you.

When Robert Patrick joined the cast of The X-Files, it was in the wake of David Duchovny leaving the series as one of the main characters; Fox Mulder.

Now, part of this was probably down to my age – being only 15 years old at the time – but; I was absolutely gutted by the news. As far as I was concerned (as were many other long-term fans of the show), Robert‘s character John Doggett was brought on to replace Mulder.

Yet, nothing could have been further from the truth. Special Agent John Doggett, was completely different to Mulder; and clearly not a replacement.

Introduced in the eighth season of The X-Files, Agent Doggett is brought in to investigate the disappearance of Mulder. As such, it soon became apparent to the viewers the Robert was a very different actor, and as such portrayed a very different character.

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His no-nonsense approach, piercing blue eyes and rough, gravely voice; made his character highly interesting and as equally enjoyable as Gillian Anderson‘s non-believer; Dana Scully – especially given that Doggett was also a sceptic of the extra-terrestrial.

Creator of The X-Files; Chris Carter, had previously stated that Robert Patrick had a…

“…tremendous intensity about him and there is a lean, dangerous quality to him too. It translates so beautifully on screen. Those piercing eyes and that gravely voice serve to make the character believable and also different from Mulder.”


“Hell of a thing.”

Although his series-run only lasted for 40 episodes, his character very much belongs within The X-Files main character roster.

When The X-Files was announced to return for a tenth “event” season in March 2015, I was hopeful that Robert Patrick would also return alongside both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, but that was not to be.

Robert had decided not to reprise his role as John Doggett for the tenth season, having previously stated that he wasn’t sure he wanted to return to the character.

Since then, Robert has confirmed that he would be interested in reprising his role for the eleventh season of The X-Files, and I for one; also want him to return.

Unfortunately, Gillian Anderson has previously mentioned that Season 11 may be her last – which; although I am gutted to hear, does open up the possibilities of Doggett returning, and potentially working alongside Mulder, as they continue to investigate The X-Files.

John Doggett added that extra dynamic to the series, bringing with him; a fresh take on the FBI Agent persona we have all tired of in other TV shows.

Here’s hoping Chris Carter and FOX see sense, and bring Robert Patrick back to The X-Files; with a substantial and meaningful return.


Terminators, “The Truth” & Your Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, when GoneFullGeek went to CollectorMania in June 2017, we attended a panel where Robert Patrick stated that; he would be very interested in returning for a Terminator sequel, as well as another season of The X-Files.

With your help, and in collaboration with long-time Robert Patrick fans; Doggett & Scully (follow them on Twitter @doggettscully), we aim to keep Mr Patrick very busy for a long time to come.

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Do you have any great ideas how Robert Patrick could return for the Terminator sequel? Or, what you’d like his character to do; if he reprised his role in The X-Files?

As always, please comment below and let me know your thoughts.


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