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Currently reading: Ocean’s 8 – Full Length Trailer

Ocean’s 8 – Full Length Trailer

I’m not sure what my favourite heist movie is, but I know that Ocean’s 11 is very decent. Admittedly, it’s sequels weren’t anywhere near as good, but they were still enjoyable.

Which means that Ocean’s 8 has a lot to live up to.

Check out the full length trailer below.


My Doubts & Hopes for Ocean’s 8

Now, when I see that a movie is being remade with an all female cast, it screams failure to me. Not because women can’t act, because as we all know, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchet and Sarah Paulson are all talented actresses, and who doesn’t love Sandra Bullock? Nobody, that’s who.

However, when I hear of something like this, where an original team of men are being replaced by a team of women, I immediately think of  The Ghostbusters remake… And how much of a disaster that movie was.

Worst Movie Ever

In fact, whatever idiot that thought making such a movie was a good idea, should be jailed. Turning the brilliant 1984 classic into one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen is disgraceful, but I just close my eyes and pretend it was a bad dream.

Yet that might not be the case for Ocean’s 8, as it isn’t a remake at all, but a continuation of the story. Or rather, a new story with a very familiar feel. Danny Ocean is gone, and it’s time for his sister to have her time in the spotlight.


Debbie Ocean

After being released on parole, she’s getting straight back into mischief mode. After recruiting some old friends, and some new blood, Debbie plans to steal an extremely expensive necklace from a woman at an event in NYC.

I’ve no doubt Debbie is cunning, smart and talented, but how will she and her team compare against her brother’s?

Casting Perfection…?

Oh yeah, ummm, Rihanna and James Corden are also in the movie… For some reason. Woo! I loved her in Battleship and James Corden was perfect in Gavin & Stacey. Both excellent, talented people. I really hope this movie will “work work work work work work”.


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