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Currently reading: Neill Blomkamp has “Moved On” from Alien 5

Neill Blomkamp has “Moved On” from Alien 5

Hadley’s Hope? Nope!

Sad news for Alien fans. Neill Blomkamp has confirmed that he has in fact; “moved on” from his Alien 5 project.

Alien 5 Queen Concept - Gallery Full Width

The director confirmed the news a few days ago on Twitter, in a bittersweet tweet; where he said he had:

“an amazing chance to work in the [Alien] world”

The full tweet can be found below:


No Ripley, thanks to Ridley!

Now, this is really sad news for all of us here at GoneFullGeek, and no-doubt hugely disappointing for a vast amount of Alien fans out there.

Not only is this gutting, but it also has me a little angry that FOX decided to go with the sequel (a.k.a. Alien: Covenant) to Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus – a divisive film to say the least – rather than Blomkamp‘s sequel.

Yes, I know. Without Ridley, we would not have the Alien franchise. The first Alien film is an absolute masterpiece, as is it’s sequel; Aliens. But since Scott returned to the universe, he has failed to re-ignite the magic and instil the fear into audiences; like his original film did.

Much like the upcoming James Cameron Tim Miller Terminator sequel, Alien 5 would have also acted as a semi-sequel. By which I mean, it would have followed-on from the second instalment (Aliens), ignoring the vastly inferior sequels; that were Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection.

Alien 5 Ripley Hicks Concept 2 - Gallery Full Width

Alien 5 would have seen the return of the ultimate female badass; Ellen Ripley. Along with fan-favourites; Corporal Dwayne Hicks and Rebecca “Newt” Jorden. Maybe we’d have even seen Lance Henriksen reprise his role as Bishop.

Although this does look like the end, I am still holding out hope that things may turn around in the near future. You never know what lies around the corner. Hopefully a sequel that reunites Ripley, Hicks and Newt with the terrifying Xenomorph

Alien 5 Ripley Hicks Concept - Gallery Full Width

For now, I will have to continue to hold out hope, and distract myself with the impressive work Neill Blomkamp and his team at Oat Studios are doing. I recommend you check it out.


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