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Currently reading: My Top Ten Favourite Bond Girls

My Top Ten Favourite Bond Girls

Everybody loves a good Top Ten list, and everybody loves Bond Girls. Well everybody at GoneFullGeek are huge fans of both… especially the latter of the two. So lets jump right into my Top Ten favourite Bond Girls.


10) Holly Goodhead – Moonraker (1979)

First up we have Holly Goodhead, from Roger Moore‘s Moonraker. I’ll be honest, folks… my main reason for having Holly on this list is  because of her laughable last name. In fact, as I’m sure you know, there are many sexual innuendos in many of the Bond Girls‘ names.

Holly Goodhead


Holly’s quite a special woman, after all, it’s not every day that you can cross paths with Jaws and live to talk about it; but when you’re a trained CIA Agent undercover on a special mission, it’s safe to assume you’d be able to handle yourself. Too bad all that training wasn’t good enough from the CIA, as it takes Britain’s finest MI6 operatives to save her life.


09) Elektra King – The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Onto my no.9 Bond Girl, Elektra. Now I know what you’re thinking and yes, I agree that The World is Not Enough isn’t a great film. But hey, it’s a damn sight better that Die Another Day, right?

Anyway, let’s get to the lady of the movie.

Elektra King

Miss King, the daughter of the wealthy Sir. Robers King. She first encounters Bond after he’s assigned to protect her, as she may be a target due to her family’s massive wealth. Elektra King, kidnapped from her family by the villain of the movie; Renard – she grows attached to her kidnapper and aids him in his operation.

After killing her father out of spite and resentment, she inherits the wealth of her family, and of course, the family’s oil business. She’s beautiful, smart and worthy of the no.9 spot on this list.


08) Mayday – A View To A Kill (1985)

Now what to say about Mayday… Well, from the image shown below, it’s clear she’s a total badass.

May Day

Mayday is the hench-woman to the movie’s primary villain; Max Zorin. She’s tall, clever and as the picture above clearly shows – incredibly strong. Her relationship with Bond is a strange one, though. First she kills one of his contacts, then attempts to kill Bond, then sleeps with him, then kills a few of his contacts.

Still, she had a good side. After being double crossed by Max Zorin, she teams up with 007 to defuse the bomb, which results in her death.


07) Dr. Christmas Jones – The World Is Not Enough (1999)

One of the best puns in The World is Not Enough

Bond: “I was wrong about you.”  Jones: “Yeah? How so?”  Bond: “I thought Christmas only comes once a year.”

Dr. Christmas Jones

Dr. Christmas Jones is my favourite out of the two Bond Girls in The World is Not Enough. Looking back, she reminds me a little of Lara Croft, if only from her dress sense. She’s smart, witty, and lets be honest; very attractive. This nuclear physicist plays an important part in stopping Elektra King the movie’s main villain; Renard.


06) Wai Lin – Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Tomorrow Never Dies is a Bond film I’ve watched many, many times as a child. My second favourite 007, a great villain, and of course, Wai Lin.

Wai Lin

On a mission to investigate Elliot Carver, this sexy Chinese Operative was unknowingly had the same objective as our very own, James Bond. After a brief encounter where both she and Bond believe they’re there to kill each other, they’re captured by Elliot Carver‘s partner; General Chang.

After that, they begin to trust each other and eventually our charming Secret Agent has his way with her, at the very end of their journey together.


05) Pussy Galore – Goldfinger (1964)

So coming up to the half way mark, we have Pussy Galore. Pussy is one of the most loved Bond Girls ever to grace our screens, which is in no small part due to her name.

Pussy: “My Name is Pussy Galore.”   Bond: “I must be dreaming.”

Pussy Galore

After first being introduced as Goldfinger‘s pilot, it becomes quickly apparent that this lovely lady is no ordinary pilot. After being instructed to bring Bond out of his cell and “entertain him”, the two end up in a barn… As I’m sure you can imagine, the two have a role around and from that, Pussy seems to

The evocatively named Pussy Galore was an original Ian Fleming character from the novel. Ms. Galore ran a flying circus of female pilots, who were hired by Auric Goldfinger to fly over Fort Knox and gas the soldiers, so that Goldfinger could break in to the gold vault.


04) Jill Masterson – Goldfinger (1964)

On to one of the most iconic Bond Girls of all time, Jill Masterson. No matter if you’re a Bond fan or not, you’ll know this image.

Jill Masterson

Jill Masterson, the golden girl. Introduced as the young woman helping Auric Goldfinger (one of my favourite villains) cheat at cards, this Bond Girl would become iconic for decades to come. After betraying Goldfinger at the request of Bond, Oddjob was sent to kill her… and succeeded.


03) Xenia Onatopp – Goldeneye (1995)

Now then, into my top 3. The Bond film that stuck with me the most as a child, the one I most enjoyed, and is by far Pierce Brosnan‘s greatest Bond film, Goldeneye.

Xenia Onatopp

Xenia is a highly trained former Soviet fighter pilot, now working for James Bond‘s former partner and friend; Alec Trevelyan. She kills without mercy and takes great pleasure in the painful, excruciating way she kills her targets.

This woman is a completely ruthless sadist. Luring her male targets into a false sense of security and convincing them that it’s their “lucky day” only to squeeze the life out of them with her long, beautiful legs.


02) Honey Ryder – Dr. No (1962)

Ursula Andress stunned audiences the world over back in ’62, and with good reason. How many of you have dreamed of being a spy? More importantly, how many of you have dreamed of a beautiful woman walking out of the ocean on a beautiful day, her skin glistening in the sunlight. Well for Bond fans, that’s pretty much all of us!

Honey Ryder

Honey Ryder, the very first Bond Girl. Wet, in a bikini and armed with a hunting knife, she’s every mans dream. Teaming up with our charming secret agent after the “authorities” destroy her boat, the two form quite the partnership. Once captured, the two of them go on to escape and take down Dr. No and destroy his lair.


01) Vesper Lynd – Casino Royale (2006)

Here’s my all time favourite Bond Girl; Vesper Lynd. Not only is she insanely beautiful, (a trademark of almost every Bond Girl) but she’s also got the deepest character and is by far the most development of any of the Bond Girls.

Vesper Lynd

Vesper is first show to us as Her Majesty’s Treasury Accountant, in charge of the funds our British Agent will have access to. Yet, underneath her smart, tough exterior, she’s later shown to be very sensitive and very intelligent. Of course, Bond eventually get’s through to her (or her to him) and the two fall in love.

“I have no armour left. You’ve stripped it from me. Whatever is left of me, Whatever I am… I’m your’s.”



Do you agree with my list? What order would you put these lovely ladies into? Let us know in the comments below, and if you liked this; then check out our other Top Tens as well. And always remember to stick with GoneFullGeek for more awesomeness.