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Currently reading: James Cameron Returns To The Terminator Franchise

James Cameron Returns To The Terminator Franchise

He’s Back! And he’s returned to the franchise that made him a household name. Yes, James Cameron is back in the driver’s seat to bring to us the next instalment in The Terminator franchise.

James Cameron

The Return Of A Legend

There’s no denying that The Terminator and Terminator 2 are probably some of the greatest sci-fi movies to ever grace this fine Earth of ours.

Unfortunately, the Terminator franchise has been somewhat of a minefield since Cameron parted. We had the horrendous Terminator 3, the slightly better Terminator Salvation and the abysmal Terminator Genisys.

Terminator 3 - Rise Of The Machines

It’s fair to say that The Terminator franchise needs its creator back on board to give it a new lease of life.

It’s All Downhill From Here

After the perfect Terminator and Terminator 2 Judgment Day, we waited over 12 years for the next instalment of what we were all hoping would be a return to form. To carry on the story of our beloved cyborg… oh how wrong we were.

Without Cameron, what we got was a disaster. Slapstick comedy, terrible acting, poor casting and just plain boring, it’s fair to say this was not what the fans wanted.

Director Jonathan Mostow just didn’t know what direction to go in, and it was obvious from the start. I remember looking at Hezzlewood throughout the movie at the cinema and just watched him shake his head with total disgrace, what was Arnie thinking?

I think the icing on the cake was when the T-800 put on the Elton John sunglasses outside the bar where he had just acquired his clothes. Not a single laugh in the cinema and myself and Hezzlewood genuinely couldn’t believe what we were watching.

Arnie sunglasses


Six years after the disaster that was T3, we got Terminator Salvation. We had recovered and were once again hopeful for The Terminator franchise. Salvation was definitely a step in the right direction; but still not quite hitting the heights of T1 and T2. Yes, it was darker, a little more intense and a better cast, but it still wasn’t what we were wanting.

Terminator Salvation

It did continue the legacy without repeating the same idea we’ve had over and over again with a Terminator chasing after a Connor. But again, even with a shift change in the story; it still didn’t scratch that itch and left us feeling empty and wanting James Cameron back.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Terminator Genisys

Then 2015 came and we wish it hadn’t, Terminator Genisys happened and wow what another let down this was. Directed by Alan Taylor who has done some amazing work, Thor: The Dark World, Game Of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire to name a few. Unfortunately, the marketing team in-charge decided to give away the entire plot of the movie in the trailer.

What the hell were they thinking? Anyway, we went to the cinema again thinking “Nah that can’t be the story”. We were wrong!

The two-minute trailer completely ruined the movie and again we left feeling let down. Even the beautiful Emilia Clarke and a return from Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t save this abomination, and I’ll brush aside the whole ‘Pops’ thing.

Cameron Saves The Day

Well, not to worry folks because we finally got the news we have all been waiting for, James Cameron is back on board as the creative influence, Tim Miller; the director of Deadpool, is set to direct. Oh, and not only that; Arnie will be joining him.

It’s music to our ears over here at GFG.  We couldn’t be more excited to see one of our favourite directors get The Terminator franchise back on the right track.

James Cameron has openly said he is going to disregard every Terminator film after T2; and has said he has some good ideas of how to continue the story.

In addition; since T2, Cameron has not lost his ability to make amazing movies, True Lies, Titanic and Avatar to name a few.


But, are you guys wanting another Terminator film or should James Cameron focus on other projects? Is there excitement for it?

Well, only you can answer that and we would love to know your opinion.

Here at GFG, we are super excited and can’t wait to see The Terminator back where it belongs; as a Hollywood blockbuster where everyone is talking about.


Furthermore, for all things Terminator; stick with GoneFullGeek for all the latest updates on the franchise.