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Currently reading: Has Warner Bros. Recruited Production Designer Martin Whist For Akira Live-Action?

Has Warner Bros. Recruited Production Designer Martin Whist For Akira Live-Action?

The Akira Live-Action project has taken a step further as Martin Whist may have joined the creative team. Warner Bros are keen to get the ball rolling after so many rumours have been circulating for the past few years; especially relating to if the film will ever be made.

Has Warner Bros. Recruited Production Designer Martin Whist For Akira?

It is exciting times indeed as Akira was one of the first Japanese animated movies I purchased; and having heard rumours here and there that they are making a live-action adaption. With Warner Bros. adding the likes of Martin Whist to the team as Production Designer; we can expect the movie to look like Neo Tokyo actually existed.

But who is Martin Whist? He has worked on some of the biggest blockbusters such as Super 8, Cloverfield, Warm Bodies, The RoboCop reboot and most recently Shane Black’s take on The Predator. We just hope he can bring the cyberpunk setting we grew up to love a reality.

Currently Akira doen’t have a Director at the helm, but rumors have been circulating that Thor: Ragnarok director Taiki Waititi has taken a keen interest; with him recently commenting regarding who he would cast:

“Yeah. Actually Asian teenagers would be the way to do it for me and probably no, not, like no name, I mean sort of unfound, untapped talent. Yeah, I’d probably want to take it a bit back more towards the books.”

This is following the most so called “whitewashing” of the cast in the Ghost in the Shell live-action staring Scarlett Johansson; that received a lot of flack regarding who they cast to be in the film.


The Magic That is “Akira” – Official Trailer


With Akira celebrating its 35th Anniversary, now is the perfect time to bring it to the big screens. If done correctly it should hopefully bridge the gap between live-action anime adaptions; as you know there has been quite a few terrible ones!

What are your thoughts about all of these rumours? Please let us know your opinions in the comments below and as always; remember to stick with GoneFullGeek for more movie news.


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