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Currently reading: Harrison Ford to ‘Dust Off’ Indy’s Fedora for 2019 Shoot

Harrison Ford to ‘Dust Off’ Indy’s Fedora for 2019 Shoot

Indy fans rejoice! The long-awaited sequel; Indiana Jones 5, is to commence filming in 2019.

Director Steven Spielberg has confirmed (via The Hollywood Reporter), that his next blockbuster film following the release of his highly-anticipated Ready Player One adaptation, is to be none-other than the fifth Indiana Jones movie.

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Rumblings started back in 2016, that a further instalment in the Indiana Jones franchise was coming. This was made official last year, when a release date of 2020 was ‘set in stone’ for the fifth film in the adventure franchise.

Whilst Spielberg finds the perfect cast for his planned remake of musical classic West Side Story, he is readying to start work on the next adventures of the iconic archaeologist – looking to start filming next year.


A ‘Crusade’ for Greatness

Up until 2008, Indiana Jones stood tall as one of the greatest trilogies in cinematic history. But then Kingdom of the Crystal Skull released. Although Ford was still as brilliant as ever as the cantankerous archaeologist, the rest of the film was a major disappointment for many fans.

I remember sitting in the cinema with my Dad, Uncle and Niece, and can recall shouting “Noooooo!” at the screen, when Shia La-Bloody-Awful went to pick up Indy‘s Fedora. Thankfully, it didn’t actually happen.

Since then, I have longed for a fifth instalment, to set right what the fourth movie knocked askew.

True, making another sequel is a big gamble. If they don’t manage to capture the magic and character of Raiders of Crusade, then this fifth movie could be another blemish on the Jones resume. It’s risky. But if done right, with a solid script, cast and no CGI gophers or “nuked fridges” – then Indy 5 could be the treasure we’ve been seeking.

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For me, the Indiana Jones franchise is one I hold dear to my heart. Having grown-up watching both Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade repeatedly, and Temple of Doom a little less, it’s safe to say that Indy is the ultimate name in adventure. Before you ask, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull can sit on my shelf and gather dust.

As much as I like the “rip-off” characters that are Lara Croft and Nathan Drake. There is only one true adventurer… and he was named after a dog!


Keeping Up with the Joneses

I have pondered many-a-time, how Spielberg and Lucas would continue the franchise after Ford decides to hang up the Fedora and bull-whip once and for all.

We can all agree that Shia LaBeouf didn’t fit well in the franchise, which left me wondering… who would carry-on the Jones name?

The dynamic between Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in the 1989 sequel; Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, was just perfect. And is one of the reasons why I hold it in equal high-esteem with the original Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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So, surely Spielberg and co. would be looking to capture that same father/son magic for the fifth instalment, whilst also providing the perfect jumping-off point for Ford and leaving his son carrying-on the Jones adventures?

Well, according to screenwriter David Koepp, that isn’t likely to happen. Having stated in the latter half of 2017, that Indy‘s son; Mutt, would not be returning for the fifth instalment.

Now, this could simply be a way to deflect any fan speculation.

So – play devil’s advocate – perhaps Mutt will return, but with someone more suitable stepping into the role. And no, not Chris Pratt! As much as I like him, he is far too heroic and ‘cocky’ for the role.

Mutt would need to be more like his Dad, with an actor well suited at being able to play the gentleman-professor, as well as the daring adventurer… Tom Hardy, perhaps?! Check back in the coming weeks, and I promise to put a list together of who I think the Fedora would fit best.


Adventure Awaits…

Koepp also previously stated that the fifth film’s plot would be centred around a “precious artefact that they’re all looking for.”

So, this already sound like it will be more inline with what Indy fans all love. An elusive artefact of unspeakable force, that the bad guys are closing in on for world domination, unlimited money and power. There’s just one thing standing in their way, and his name… is Indiana Jones!

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Whatever the story of the final film turns out to be, I just hope it does Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones the justice they deserve.

With the Indy franchise having made almost $2 billion, I’m hopefully that the disappointment that was Crystal Skull, doesn’t stifle the performance of the next adventure.

Come on Spielberg, it’s time to get the ball rolling…




Are you excited for the return of Indy to the big-screen?

What would you like the plot to be? Perhaps Indy faces-off against a rogue group of ex-Nazi’s, seeking another unlimited Godly power?

Or maybe his adventure comes full-circle, and he is once again; up against the clock to track-down the Ark of the Covenant?

Whatever happen, I just hope they get John Rhys-Davies to return as Indy‘s partner in adventure; Sallah.

Comment below, and let me know what you think.


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Source: The Hollywood Reporter