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Currently reading: First Day Filming Halloween (2018)

First Day Filming Halloween (2018)

It feels like it was only a few weeks ago, when it was revealed that the iconic damsel-in-distress; Laurie Strode, would be returning to the Halloween franchise.

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Believe it or not, it has been 137 days since Jamie Lee Curtis announced the exciting news.

And now, she has shared an image from the first day of filming the new Halloween movie.

Check out the tweet below:

Jamie Lee Curtis is in-shot with director David Gordon Green – who has also penned the script (with Danny McBride) for this long-awaited sequel-come-reboot.


Shock-Horror! The Promise of a “Unique” Sequel

Although the plot for the film is still lurking in the shadows, one thing both Green and McBride have promised; is that this latest instalment in the Halloween franchise will be a “unique” sequel unlike any of its predecessors. Promising to honour the unrelenting dread and tension of the original 1978 John Carpenter classic, rather than give-in to the modern-day horror tropes of intense gore and over-the-top violence.

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In addition to this, it has been confirmed that John Carpenter will return to score the film. Whether the acting and story of the film will satisfy dedicated fans; is yet to be seen, but we all know that the music will be chillingly perfect!

Add to that, the strong cast of original Michael MyersNick CastleJudy Greer as Laurie‘s daughter Karen Strode and Will Patton as Officer Hawkins, the return to the Halloween franchise looks set to please old-school fans, as well as hopefully attracting new youth to iconic horror series.

Casting News: Judy Greer heading to Haddonfield?

Michael Myers and Laurie Strode will be coming home to cinemas on October 19th, 2018.


Does the idea of returning to the Halloween franchise scare you, or does it get your heart racing in excitement?

Drop a comment below, and let me know.