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Currently reading: Disney Confirms 21st Century Fox Aquisition

Disney Confirms 21st Century Fox Aquisition

Mega Merger for the Mouse & Fox

Walt Disney will buy the majority of 21st Century Fox for a staggering $52.4bn – that’s £39bn for our U.K. readers.

Once the purchase goes through, the ‘Mouse House’ will own both Fox‘s live-action and animated film and television studios, as well as owning a 39% share of popular satellite broadcaster; Sky. Disney really will be the “big cheese” of the entertainment industry – then dominating both the small and silver-screen.

Disney buys Fox - Article Full Banner

If the regulators allow the deal to go through, this will be another huge billion-dollar purchase by Disney – the last of which was the acquisition of Marvel Studios in 2009 and Lucasfilm in 2012 – both of which were bought for approx. $4bn each. Tiny in comparison, right?!

Although this could be bad news for Hollywood and movie-goers (with even less competition now in the marketplace), today I am going to look purely at the positive…


Disney’s Success, so far…

We had all previously expressed concern over Disney acquiring Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, but it would seem like our worries were unnecessary.

Although Marvel Studios launched the MCU into the stratosphere with their sleeper-hit; Iron Man (which is still my favourite entry), since 2012 the Marvel Comic movies are maintaining a high-level of quality; overall, each being highly enjoyable and highly lucrative.

MCU & Star Wars v2 - Article Full Banner

Add to that, the brilliant continuation of the Star Wars saga with The Force Awakens; and now The Last Jedi – which will hopefully hit the mark. Plus, the exceptional standalone prequel story; Rogue One, proved that not all prequels are terrible.

That said, the upcoming Han Solo film doesn’t look promising – sorry, but nobody can replace Harrison Ford.

Han Solo Shrug


Disney Delve into the Unknown

Disney will – likely – soon own some of the more grown-up franchises I watched repeatedly as a child. Although I’ve been pleased with the majority of the MCU entries to-date, plus the two latest additions to the Star Wars saga (I am yet to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi), I still have my concerns.

Sure, Disney could prove me wrong and not interfere to the point where they rein-in some of the 15 & 18+ age rate focused franchises. But, I have that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that we have not seen the last of franchises suddenly catering for a younger, wider audience.

I will touch-on this in more detail in the future, but how do you feel about this?

Sure the likes of Home Alone and Ice Age would sit quite comfortably with the meddling-mouse, but what about the bigger, grown-up franchises?!

We have Predator, Alien and Die Hard – each of which have not been without their poor sequels. But, they belong in the 15+ audience age range, not 12A or worse; PG.

Plus, I’m pretty certain Fox had some form of distribution rights for the upcoming James Cameron Tim Miller Terminator sequel. Which, if owned by Disney, looks less like it will target the 15+ rating the dedicated fans had been hoping for. Nobody wants another Terminator 3 – or a Genisys for that matter.


Anyway, do you have any concerns, or hopes?

Sound-off below in the comments, I would love to get your opinion on this.


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