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Currently reading: Dark Tower ‘Wizard & Glass’ Series To Begin Filming

Dark Tower ‘Wizard & Glass’ Series To Begin Filming

Despite the recent movie adaptation of Stephen King‘s magnum opus; The Dark Tower, releasing to less than favourable reviews from critics and fans alike. The previously mentioned television series is still moving ahead – say thankee.

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I went to see The Dark Tower movie when it first released, and although it was far from perfect; I still enjoyed it for the most part. Before it’s release I had managed my expectations as far as ‘how faithful’ the adaptation would be to the first novel.

My main complaint of the movie, was the way they tried to cram a vast amount of the rich source material in a lean 90 minutes – an impossible task.

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Idris Elba was great as the legendary gunslinger; Roland Deschain, and I’d like to see him return to Mid-World once again, despite the reception that came before.


The Wheel Spins Again…

Unlike last year’s movie, the upcoming TV show will stay loyal to the source material – at least that’s what we are being told so far.

I have to admit, I am really hopefully that they do the novels justice with this second spin of the wheel.


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A more faithful adaptation should be the perfect way to ensure that avid readers of The Dark Tower happy, as well as ensuring newbies to the story of the Last Gunslinger of Gilead will get to see how expansive and immersive Stephen King‘s western-fantasy-horror-science-fiction tall tale, truly is.

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According to to a report from Omega Underground, the upcoming television series is to begin film on home ground – with production set to begin in the U.K. and Ireland this summer. And based on author Stephen King‘s comments late last year, the TV show is likely to be a complete reboot.


Wizard and Glass

If The Dark Tower series is to be a reboot, then it makes perfect sense to start with the fourth novel in the epic fantasy saga; Wizard and Glass.

A series of eight novels (soon to be nine?), if you’re new to the tales of The Tower; you may be wondering “why start with book four?” Well, as a self-certified Tower junkie, I can tell you that it really does make sense.

The fourth novel; Wizard and Glass, is a story told by Roland himself, to the other members of his ka-tet. The story explores the backstory of the gunslinger’s youth, and his first love Susan Delgado.


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The upcoming television series will be staying in the fantasy world setting of Barony of Mejis for the majority of time, without crossing over to our modern world. Doing this, should help the “flesh out” the story to it’s true potential, with a more narrative-driven way of storytelling.


Cast, Character & Cöos

Given that Sai King himself has stated that the new show will be a fresh start, it’s safe to assume that the cast of the movie will not return.

So, with an entirely new cast, the first question I ask is; who will they cast as young Roland? There is plenty of talent out there, so fingers-crossed they choose wisely.

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In addition to the gunslinger, the Wizard And Glass story is full of plenty more rich, interesting characters. From Susan Delgado and the Big Coffin Hunters, to *shiver* Rhea of the Cöos.


And The Tower Is Closer…

A network has yet to pick-up the TV series – fingers-crossed it gets the HBO treatment. The Dark Tower is a series worthy of a loyal and quality adaptation, and in my opinion, is far superior to Game of Thrones – and that is saying something!

If done right, this could be a fresh start to leave the door open to unlimited possibilities…

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Are you looking forward to the television adaptation, or would you rather have a sequel to last year’s movie?

Do you have any favourite actors who you’d like to see step into the shoes of the iconic characters?

Let me know in the comment below.


Stick with GoneFullGeek for all things Dark Tower related, and stay-tuned for further updates on the upcoming small screen adaptation; Wizard and Glass.


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