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Currently reading: The Dark Tower – Official Trailer 2 (International Trailer)

The Dark Tower – Official Trailer 2 (International Trailer)

The Dark Tower – Official Trailer 2 (International Trailer)

The NEW international trailer for the highly-anticipated Stephen King adaptation; The Dark Tower, has arrived.


Dark Tower International Trailer - Article Full Banner

With less than 1 month to go for American audiences; and just over 1 month for U.K. cinema-goers, we have another trailer to gawp at in excitement until release day.

As a self-confessed Dark Tower Junkie, I can honestly say that The Dark Tower director; Nikolaj Arcel, has a lot of boxes to tick to ensure this long awaited adaptation satisfies long-time fans of the series, whilst also providing an easy and intriguing watch for first-timers.

“The Tower is all that stands between light and darkness.”

Based on Stephen King’s ‘magnum opus’ series of novels, we know that The Dark Tower movie isn’t a direct adaptation of the source material, rather a pseudo-sequel to the books. Pulling in elements from across several novels of the series, the film will act as a different retelling of the tale, or turn of the wheel; if you like, whilst no-doubt introducing new elements unique to the movie series itself.

Idris Elba stars as the last Gunslinger of Gilead; Roland Deschain. Entwined in a journey with Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor), Roland seeks to reach The Dark Tower before the elusive Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey).

Although shorter than the previous trailer, this new trailer provides plenty of previously unseen footage, so do not forget the face of your father…

Watch the International Trailer now:


The first trailer for The Dark Tower released a while back, and gave audiences their first look at Idris Elba’s take; on the legendary Gunslinger, as well as his ultra-cool reloading abilities. Whilst expanding on this, we also see the Man in Black tormenting the Gunslinger about his past; and personal loss.

“Everyone who walks with you; dies…”

Whether you’re a Dark Tower Junkie or are new to the series, I’m keen to know your thoughts. Please comment below.