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Currently reading: The Dark Tower: Easter Egg Trailer & Breakdown

The Dark Tower: Easter Egg Trailer & Breakdown

Gunslinger in desert

Hile fellow Gunslingers / Dark Tower Junkies,

A NEW ‘Easter Egg’ trailer has arrived. Although I can’t help but feel like Sony Pictures are giving everything away before the release of the movie, I couldn’t help but watch it.

I’ve tried to spot as many nods to Stephen King’s other works as possible, and have listed down what I found below.


Check out the trailer:


The Dark Tower Easter Egg Trailer Breakdown

I managed to spot twelve Easter Eggs that nod to the other works of Stephen King, both his novels and short-stories and movie adaptations. Have a read through what I have found:


It: ‘Pennywise’ Sign

An old fairground sign, with the dilapidated letters spelling out the name of the kid-killing-clown; Pennywise, from Stephen King’s terrifying novel; IT.

Pennywise Sign

Pennywise Sign

The Drawing of the Three: ‘Doorway’ Drawings

Although some may argue that this isn’t a nod to King’s other works, various doors feature within the sketches done by Jake Chambers, which hints heavily at The Drawing of the Three – the second entry into Stephen King’s magnum opus; The Dark Tower series.

Doorway Drawings

Doorway Drawings

The Shining: ‘The Overlook Hotel’ Photograph

When the table shakes within the office of the psychiatrist that Jake has visited, you can see a picture of the iconic, haunted hotel from Stephen King’s 3rd novel; The Shining.

Overlook Hotel Photograph

Overlook Hotel Photograph

The Shawshank Redemption: ‘Rita Hayworth’ Poster

Here the Gunslinger discovers a poster, featuring the beautiful actress; Rita Hayworth. This acts as a nod to both the novella; Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption (from a collection of works by Stephen King called Different Seasons), as well as the Frank Darabont adaptation; The Shawshank Redemption, whereby the protagonist Andy Dufresne uses a Rita Hayworth poster to cover up his escape.

Rita Hayworth Poster

Rita Hayworth Poster

The Number ‘19’: Graffiti

The number 19 is threaded throughout the entirety of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series (but especially the final three novels), as well as making appearances in many of his other works. The number 19 signifies certain things within the world of The Dark Tower, but I won’t spoil anything by mentioning them here.

Stephen King started writing his Dark Tower series at the age of 19. It may be this that led him to the idea of choosing 19 to be of such importance in the books.

Here you can see that the children have written the number 19 over, and over again, rather than drawing the expected chalk hopscotch squares.

The Number 19

The Number 19

Cujo: The St. Bernard Dog / ‘Attack Dog’ Sign

Here there is a double-nod to the rabid, ‘bat-bitten’ killer dog; Cujo, from the Stephen King novel of the same name. A lady walking a St. Bernard dog along the street – the same breed as Cujo himself, as well as a scene featuring an ‘Attack Dog’ sign, which appears to be on the door of the Dutch Hill Mansion, before Jake enters.

St. Bernard Dog

St. Bernard Dog


Attack Dog SIgn

Attack Dog Sign

Children of the Corn: Jake Hiding Amongst the Corn

Although rather subtle, I took this scene of Jake hiding within the corn, as a nod to the short-story; Children of the Corn, that is included in Stephen King’s 1978 collection; Night Shift.

Jake Hiding in the Corn

Jake Hiding in the Corn

Christine: Plymouth Fury Toy Car

The red toy car being wheeled back and forth in this scene is another cool nod to Stephen King’s possessed 1958 Plymouth Fury; Christine, from the novel of the same name, as well as the 1983 John Carpenter movie adaptation.

1958 Plymouth Fury

1958 Plymouth Fury

The Shining: The Grady Twins

Although the girls pictured aren’t the Grady Twins themselves, this is a nod to the girls for the 1980 Stanley Kubrick adaptation (albeit loose) of Stephen King’s novel; The Shining.

Twins Girls

Twin Girls

Mr Mercedes: ‘Hello There’ Graffiti

Although this appears to be the Man in Black that has left behind this message for Roland (the Gunslinger) to see, this is an obvious tip of the hat towards Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes trilogy.

'Hello There' Graffiti

‘Hello There’ Graffiti

Misery: ‘Misery’s Child’ Book by Fictional Author Paul Sheldon

Misery’s Child is the final novel in the Misery series, written by fictional author; Paul Sheldon, who is the victim to his obsessive fan turned captor; Annie Wilkes.

Misery's Child Book

Misery’s Child Book

1408: The Numbers ‘14 – 08’ Scribbled Above the Portal

The numbers 14 – 08 above the portal is a nod to the fabled Room 1408, the main antagonist of the Hotel Dolphin, where the Stephen King short-story; 1408, takes place.

14 - 08 Above the Portal

14 – 08 above the Portal

Have you spotted that I have failed to mention? Please let me know, and drop a comment below, detailing down what you saw.

There will no doubt be many more references entwined through the movie. Come back, let us know what else you spotted. The Dark Tower opens in U.S. theatres on August 4th and U.K. cinemas August 18th.