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Currently reading: CollectorMania 24: Meeting Robert Patrick

CollectorMania 24: Meeting Robert Patrick

I’m Jon, and I’m back with the tale of the time GoneFullGeek met Robert Patrick. The awesome actor who portrayed the most iconic sci-fi villain in movie history.

Responsible for many a childhood nightmare and able to mimic anything he “samples by physical contact”.

A villain that raised-the-bar for the movie industry. Not only for the unrelenting unease, but for the special-effects industry – which still stand-up against the CGI of today; 26 years later.

Obviously, I am talking about the T-1000. The liquid-metal killing-machine is without a doubt; the greatest sci-fi villain ever to be portrayed by a human-being, and was brought to life; with terrifying perfection, by one of the greatest actors of our generation; Mr Robert Patrick.

If you’re wondering what I’m on about, then you have clearly never watched the film to which I refer. If that is the case, you should buy James Cameron’s genre-defining original The Terminator, and the sci-fi sequel masterpiece; Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Anyway, let’s begin…

GoneFullGeek goes to CollectorMania


The Rather Expected Journey… down to Birmingham

All-in-all, it took us about two and a half hours to get to Birmingham on the night prior to CollectorMania. After stopping off mid-journey for a XL Bacon-Double meal; we persevered through the heavy rains and bustling motorway, before finally arriving at our destination.

Macky – GoneFullGeek’s very own hobbit – was kind enough to put us up. Although I’m sure I heard him grumbling to himself about the new arrivals, not unlike a certain disgruntled Bilbo Baggins.

We cracked open some drinks and thanked Macky for his generosity, by introducing him to the terror that is; Resident Evil 7.

We recorded a few video segments of gameplay, whilst he crept his way through the Baker Family’s home. Naturally, we encouraged him to play the game in the dark; and, although you can’t really see much, you can really hear the gratitude amidst his screams of anguish. We’ll show you the videos in the future, just to make sure we embarrass Macky.


Anyway, at 1am; the night came to a close, we pumped up the air beds, kissed goodnight Macky’s dogs; Oscar and Slinky (the latter of which is pictured), and attempted to go to sleep.


The Eventful Day Begins…

At 6am we woke to a beautiful, sunny morning. The birds were singing, the dogs were pitter-pattering about on the wooden flooring, and everyone looked how they felt… knackered!

My younger brother; Danny, looked the worst for wear. Upon enquiring, I discovered that midway through the early morning kip, he relocated to the kitchen floor and the company of the gurgling fridge, rather than the bone rattling snore of our friend; Brindle. When asked why, he explained that it was either that, or to quietly slide a knife into Brindle’s chest, which given the time limitations and lack of suitable equipment to dispose of a body, he opted for the former.

In the hallway of the house, I was confronted by two figures blocking my path. No no, it wasn’t the ‘Grady Twins’ from The Shining, it was Slinky, subtly backed up by Oscar – clearly acting as ‘the muscle’ in this early morning stand-off. To break the ice; and my colleagues ear drums, I greeted the dogs with the warm welcome; albeit rather loud and screechy, of:

“Helloooooooo, good moooorninnnng!”

This appeared to only cheer-up the dogs, as everyone else in the house cursed as their heads attempted to retract into their shoulders – you know, like a turtle hiding in its shell.

Washed, dressed and excited to get underway, we set off to the NEC, to Showmasters’ CollectorMania.


At CollectorMania24

We arrived a couple of hours prior to the event opening, walked past the rather relaxed security and into the NEC building itself. Nattering in childish glee, we walked back and forth along the make-shift ‘run’, for what felt like an eternity – at one point I swear Macky started getting shorter as he walked, his little legs wearing away as we went. Eventually we reached the back of the queue, which thankfully – with us being rather early – only consisted of about 30 people at this point.

The time passed quickly. We discussed our expectations, talked with other fans and some really cool cosplayers, read through the CollectorMania program; that I couldn’t help but buy, and even took a few photographs…

But as we nattered amongst ourselves, one thing we had touched-on previously as a group became a topic of discussion once more. “What if Robert Patrick isn’t a nice guy?”

I think every one of the GoneFullGeek crew has watched Terminator 2; hundreds of times, and with each of us having huge respect for the man himself – yet you know what they say (whoever ‘they’ are) – “Never Meet Your Heroes” – I’ve got to admit, we were concerned that we would be disappointed. I know some other actors/actresses (or if you prefer, movie stars) have been known to be rude to fans, but thankfully, our worries were unnecessary.

At 9am the event opened, and the queue – which was now hundreds upon hundreds of excited fans in length – entered the CollectorMania floor, where there were stalls selling everything you’d expect at an event like this, comics, books, toys, movie memorabilia, collectibles, artwork, the list goes on…


Reliving A Few Memories

In addition to the stalls, there was a retro gaming area, where Brindle and Danny had a quick walk down multiplayer memory lane, with the greatest N64 game in existence; GoldenEye 007.

After Brindle died a few times, we moved on to explore the other things on offer. We walked past various movie props, from a make-shift T.A.R.D.I.S. set from Doctor Who, the iconic Ecto-1 from the best Ghostbusters movie (yes yes, I’m on about the 1984 version), to one of the best displays on show. Of course, it was Terminator related.

Check out the GoneFullGeek crew in all their glory:


Every Cloud, A Silver Lining

We queued and bought tickets to meet Robert Patrick and get autographs, which were purchased within a few minutes. But, were then told that we would need to join another queue in order to obtain photoshoot tickets with the man himself.

Somewhat disgruntled, we joined the additional queue, and spent the next 90 minutes shuffling slowly forward in anticipation. Fortunately, we ended up in conversation with a nice young woman, who had come dressed as the latest iteration of Supergirl from the recent TV series.

Although at the time, I wasn’t best pleased at having to join this queue – having been misinformed of where to acquire these tickets by a member of the Showmasters’ staff when we initially entered to event – if we hadn’t have been stood waiting at this point, Brindle wouldn’t have been able to get this cracking photo of Robert Patrick walking back from the ‘Totally Terminators’ display:

Robert Patrick looking badass!

Robert Patrick looking badass!

You’ve got to admit, that photo is brilliant. Not only does Mr Patrick look badass, appearing as if he’s about to draw-down on someone across the way, but the bodyguard behind him looks completely useless by comparison. Oh, and if you look closely, you can see the frozen T-1000 statue over his left shoulder. Cool right?!


Meeting the T-1000; Robert Patrick

After having obtained the photo-shoot tickets, we went for some grub at one of the food vendors within the NEC and then; before browsing the stalls and occasionally buying the odd item, that we felt was a ‘must-have’.

Before long it was time to meet Mr Patrick (our Judgment Day, so to speak), each of us chose from a selection of postcards; that he would sign along with a personal quote. We anxiously waited, and then I was next in line (and the first of the GoneFullGeek crew to meet him), I shook his hand; introduced myself and passed him the postcard for his autograph.

As he handed the signed postcard back, I then asked if he would be kind enough to sign our GoneFullGeek t-shirt. It was at this point that the Showmasters’ employee that was sat with Mr Patrick tried to discourage him from doing so. But, like the legend that he is, he took the t-shirt from me, ignoring the woman advising him against it; and became the first autograph on our GoneFullGeek t-shirt, to which all I can say is thank you.

I then went and made a bit of a prat of myself, but all I can say is; Robert Patrick will always remember us because of this. As he passed the – now signed – t-shirt back to me, I thanked him and went to shake his hand once more. He slapped my hand, and it was at this point that I started to fold the t-shirt back up, which as you’ll see in the video link below; became a great source of amusement for the rest of the GoneFullGeek guys, as I left the T-1000 ‘hanging’ for a fist-bump.

Check out our YouTube video to see Mr Patrick’s reaction:


The Awesome Robert Patrick Photo-shoot

We were at the event for what must have been twelve hours, and as the day was coming to a close, it was our time for the photo-shoot with the most iconic villain in sci-fi movie history. Once again, we queued up, and realised that we had only paid for 4 photographs, which seemed fine at the time, but I came the realisation that we also wanted a group photo, which meant we were one ticket short, and we all know what happened in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones "No Ticket!"

But, it was at this point that our legendary Brindle came to the rescue; and sacrificed his ticket for the group photo.

At one-point whilst myself, Danny and Macky were having our photos taken with our childhood hero, Robert Patrick shouted out…

“Gone Full Geek!”

…before Brindle stepped forward and joined us for the group photo.

With me being very much a believer of ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’, I asked Mr Patrick if he would be kind enough to hold out our GoneFullGeek t-shirt for the photograph, which he took from me and proceeded to hold it out in-front of him, covering his face from the camera and began to laugh, before lowering the t-shirt for an amazing group photo.

Robert Patrick Group Photo


Meeting Hodor, Yara Greyjoy & Darth Vader

Looking at that photo, you may also notice three additional autographs present on the t-shirt. During the afternoon, we were fortunate enough to also meet a couple of beloved actors known for portraying key characters from the hit HBO TV show; Game of Thrones, Hodor and Yara Greyjoy, as well as the 2nd most iconic villain (portrayed by a human) in sci-fi movie history; Darth Vader.

Gemma Whelan & Jonathan Hezzlewood

Gemma Whelan & Jonathan Hezzlewood

Gemma Whelan & Jonathan McEvoy

Gemma Whelan & Jonathan McEvoy

Kristian Nairn & Jonathan McEvoy

Kristian Nairn & Jonathan McEvoy

Kristian Nairn & Jonathan Hezzlewood

Kristian Nairn & Jonathan Hezzlewood

Kristian Nairn holding up the GoneFullGeek t-shirt

Kristian Nairn holding up the GoneFullGeek t-shirt

Dave Prowse & Jonathan Hezzlewood

Darth Vader himself; Dave Prowse, signing the GoneFullGeek t-shirt


As the evening came to an end, we left the NEC and headed on back to the car. As a ‘fat guy’, my back was aching and felt very much in need of a good old shower.

We called at Tesco for some beers (or Coca-Cola in my case) and tasty goodies, before getting back to Macky’s Hobbit Hole.


Been There, And Now Back Home… Again!

Once back, I hobbled into the shower and freshened up, whilst Macky cracked on sorting out an evening meal – apparently, he is a real whiz with the telephone. Before long we were all gathered round sharing pizza, chips, onion rings and garlic bread, whilst washing it down with an ice-cold glass of Coke (or beer for the others) and for background entertainment, we opted for what is probably one of the worst superhero/comic-book films of recent memory. That’s right, I’m talking about “MARTHAAAAA!!!”, err… I mean; Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Whilst we ate, we discussed the day’s events and were buzzing about having met the legendary Robert Patrick, had the chance to talk with some truly great movie fans and cosplayers, as well this being the first event attended by the GoneFullGeek crew, it finally felt like progress was being made.

Oh, also, Macky stubbed his toe, tripped and fell during the evening. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to catch it on camera; as we were too busy laughing, but we did get his irritable reaction afterwards, which will be coming your way soon.

Before turning in for the early morning drive back home, we talked at length about the day, and couldn’t wait for the next major event to attend – which is incidentally the For The Love Of Sci-Fi event; in Manchester this December, where we will be meeting William Shatner, David Hasselhoff and Dolph Lundgren.


That’s All Folks

Just to confirm, Robert Patrick is a true gentleman; with a fantastic sense-of-humour and an all-round great guy. Honestly, should you have the chance to meet him, we highly recommend you do just that. You won’t regret it.

As I wrap this up, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this, and for visiting our “fortress of geekiness”; GoneFullGeek.com. We really appreciate your support.

Should you like to discuss something regarding this article, or anything else for that matter, then please feel free to drop a comment below and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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