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Currently reading: Bright 2 Confirmed By Netflix – Orc Auditions Now Closed!

Bright 2 Confirmed By Netflix – Orc Auditions Now Closed!

With being viewed over 11 million times over its first three days, Netflix have confirmed Bright 2 is in the works. Even though Bright received mixed reviews; a sequel will extend on an interesting world we have only touched the surface of.

Bright 2 Confirmed By Netflix - Orc Auditions Now Closed!

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as the Orc/Human cop duo are expected to reprise their roles; with David Ayer writing the screenplay and directing the sequel.

Bright did see great success over seas; where it was number one in every country and managed to outshine The Crown season 2 premiere.

Even though the film was given negative reviews by most critics; I personally really enjoyed it. Seeing a modern day world where Humans, Orcs and Elves all live side by side is something I have never come across before. Yes it is your typical Will Smith film, but it worked really well. Especially with the synergy between him and Joel Edgerton’s character Jakoby; they carried the film really well.

Even though it will be a while until Bright 2 is available; it will be interesting to see how they expand on the story so far. I for one am looking forward to it!

Bright 2 Announcement Tweet

Have you seen Bright yet? If you have let us know in the comments below with your thoughts! Hopefully there will be some Dwarves next time; as it is a fantasy movie after all.

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