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Established in February 2017, we are four friends who have Gone Full Geek!

We aim to bring you exciting and informative news and history of all things geek, from Movies, TV, Gaming, Literature and much moreā€¦

Not only will we keep you updated with daily whisperings in geekdom, but each article will come complete with our own opinions and bespoke sense-of-humour.

Thank you for visiting GoneFullGeek. Enjoy!

Jonathan Hezzlewood

Proud father, aspiring writer, very part-time artist, major Dark Tower junkie, Arnie fan and unfortunate enjoyer of food.

Dan Whiteside

Warcraft player with a passion for all things Geeky. Builds apps in his spare time such as Musicfy.

Daniel Hezzlewood

Social Media Wizard. Loves posting about the latest Geek news and doing the occasional magic trick.

Jonathan McEvoy

Plays horror games with the lights on. Loves all things Star Wars!

Jonathan Brindle

Lover of Comic Book, film, games, tv and all things geeky. The more you know the more the puzzle reveals itself,