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Currently reading: Warcraft Expansion Release Date Announced

Warcraft Expansion Release Date Announced

At long last we have news relating to the next Warcraft Expansion release date. Since the reveal of Battle for Azeroth at Blizzcon 2017; we have been speculating when we will be able to experience the new expansion first hand.

Warcraft Expansion Release Date Announced

We will get our hands on the next expansion on or before 21st September 2018; so one month later then the current expansion “Legion” when it debuted in 2016. Following on from the release date announcement, Blizzard are allowing players to pre-purchase Battle for Azeroth right now! And by doing so; you will unlock an array of goodies in a majority of Blizzard Titles.

Full details of what you get are below:

  • We get early access to four of the Allied Races! We are able to recruit the High Mountain Tauren or the Nightborne for the Horde. Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves for the Alliance.
  • A level 110 character boost

If you were to purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition (like I did) you will also get the following Warcraft themed extras:

  • Two new Mounts. The Seabraid Stallion on the Alliance and the Gilded Ravasaur on the Horde
  • A new in game Baby Tortollan Pet
  • Overwatch cosmetics
  • Hearthstone Card Pack
  • StarCraft II in-game sprays
  • Heroes of the Storm Mount

With the most recent patch that was introduced that revisiting levelling through older content; along side with the Allied Races. It feels like we have been given a large part of the Expansion already.

Battle for Azeroth Trailer

Even though there is still a couple of months to go until Warcraft Expansion Release Date the Battle for Azeroth trailer is still something to get excited over! For The HORDE!


Are you as excited for this Expansion as I am? And will it be a huge hit that Legion was? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember for more gaming reveals, stick with GoneFullGeek and I will see you next time.