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Currently reading: Rise And Shine with Overwatch’s Mei Backstory

Rise And Shine with Overwatch’s Mei Backstory

Gamescom this year has been brilliant but my favourite announcement has be the animated short for the Overwatch character Mei. It goes into the origins of her character and her companion Snowball after they wake up from being in cryo-sleep for 9 years. They find out the horror of what has happened to her crew whilst they have been in hibernation.

This animated short has a Pixar feel to it with how it pulls at your heart-strings many-times through-out, but is very uplifting as the short progresses. It has made me love her personality and unique characteristics even more (She is even a Geek!). Visually the movie is stunning, like all of Blizzards work for Overwatch a feature length film would be something to watch out for… Blizzcon 2017 reveal?!

I don’t want to spoil this awesome film anymore, so please let us know what you think below.

Overwatch - Mei's Origin Story

Overwatch – Mei’s Origin Story

With playing Overwatch from release, I never really liked Mei’s character, with her load-out not suiting my play-style. But this has made me want to give her another try. As I own Overwatch on both PS4 and PC, so if any of you are up for a few rounds please get in touch over at Twitter and we can arrange some games… but unfortunately I will be playing as Mei!

More Gamescom Overwatch Reveals

Blizzard really did bring it at this years Gamescom, with panels for all of its games (including Diablo 3…). For Overwatch they have made many big reveals, such as a new escort map, featuring Junkrat & Roadhog’s home town “Junkertown”! Followed up with how they created their latest hero “Doomfist”, Blizzard really did out-shine themselves this year at Gamescom!