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Currently reading: Red Dead Redemption II: Trailer 2

Red Dead Redemption II: Trailer 2

Trailer Time!

After last week’s teasing announcement for the next Red Dead Redemption instalment; courtesy of Rockstar Games, fans were left in hot anticipation for today’s reveal.

Well, today is Thursday 28th September, and the time has now passed beyond the 4pm deadline (U.K. time).

So, I won’t stretch the blanket no further; my fellow outlaws. Hunker down around the campfire, quit your blabberin’ and fix your eyes on the latest trailer for the hotly anticipated; Red Dead Redemption 2.

This exciting new trailer showcases the story of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw and member of the Van der Linde gang.

Events show their fight for survival as they rob, fight and steal their way across the vast and rugged heart of America.

“We’ve got lawmen and three different states after us!” – Arthur Morgan


You’ve seen the atmospheric world of Red Dead Redemption II (complete with updated logo), and within it; the epic journey across America’s unforgiving heartland. I wonder what will await us in the online multiplayer experience, currently referred to as Red Dead Online? Remember…

“This place. Ain’t no such thing as civilised.” – Dutch van der Linde

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Tumbleweed, or Terrific Trailer?

Although I thought John Marston – the protagonist from 2010s Red Dead Redemption – was a superb character. I am glad to see that Arthur is clearly a very different man.

Maybe this is just the fanboy in me that is wishfully imagining this, but at certain points throughout the trailer, I felt that Athur had a bit of a Clint Eastwood vibe.

Did you enjoy the trailer? What do you think of the first – and possibly only – protagonist; Arthur Morgan?

Take this invitation to palaver, and shoot a comment our way. We’ll fire one straight back!


Remembering the First Look at Redemption…

Now, it has been over 11 months since the first teaser for Rockstar‘s next epic game released. And, unless you’ve been chained to the inside of the local tumbleweed wagon, or have been in-hiding from the law, its likely you’ve already seen it.

That said, whether you have or haven’t, watch it again below…


Although no official date has been set by Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption 2 is currently scheduled to release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Spring 2018.