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Currently reading: Overwatch Halloween Terror has begun

Overwatch Halloween Terror has begun

Around this time of year, numerous game developers release a large Halloween themed update and “Overwatch Halloween Terror” follows in spooktacular fashion.

Overwatch Halloween Terror has begun

With Halloween getting closer, Blizzard have continued on from last year’s Halloween Terror to bring over 140 items to unlock (50 being new) from the loot boxes, and an exclusive brawl, Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Junkenstein’s Revenge also features a new hero rotation to choose from; for your team-of-four. Which now includes Ana, Hanzo, McCree & Soldier: 76; with the objective to prevent the castle doors from being destroyed! The leader-board for this mode is being updated, so you can also see how well you did against other teams and friends-alike.

Just be sure to login between the 10th October and the 1st November 2017 to reap any of these new rewards detailed below.

The Goodies

What new skins did they release this year you ask? Well here they are in all their glory!

Dracula Reaper

Overwatch Halloween Terror - Dracula Reaper

Van Helsing McCree

Overwatch Halloween Terror - Van Helsing McCree

Totallly 80’s Zarya

Overwatch Halloween Terror - Totallly 80's Zarya

Dragon Symmetra

Overwatch Halloween Terror - Dragon Symmetra

Jiangshi Mei

Overwatch Halloween Terror - Jiangshi Mei

Viking Torbjörn

Overwatch Halloween Terror - Viking Torbjörn

Cultist Zenyatta

Overwatch Halloween Terror - Cultist Zenyatta

Corsair Ana

Overwatch Halloween Terror - Corsair Ana

If you thought this was all the skins we were getting this year, you are wrong! Blizzard have also included all of last year’s skins as well, so if you missed the event last year there is a possibility of picking up 20 new skins.

Overwatch Halloween Terror Also Brings Updated Maps

If the above wasn’t enough to sink your teeth into, you can also preview two maps available for the duration of the event with haunted versions of the Hollywood and Eichenwalde maps.

Well enough of the chit-chat, I am going to explore the update myself; but in-the-mean-time you can keep up to date with all Overwatch news as it happens on GoneFullGeek.