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Currently reading: PlayStation Showcase New Secret of Mana HD Gameplay

PlayStation Showcase New Secret of Mana HD Gameplay

Announced earlier this year, PlayStation have given us a first look at Secret of Mana HD Gameplay. Since its original release in 1993, it will be interesting to see how close to home this HD remake is to the original!

Secret of Mana HD Gameplay

Even back in 1993, Secret of Mana brought vasts amounts of innervation to the scene. Especially within the RPG genre, which were typically single-player game; it brought multiplayer support so you and your friends can feel part of the story.

RPG’s were also famous for their turn based battle systems (Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger); Secret of Mana introduced an innovative real-time combat system; similar to the games we play today.

With the remake we are also going to get a fully-voiced cast. So we can hear Randi and his buddies Primm and Popoi for the first time. A local multiplay game mode so you and your friends can play and quest together; supporting up-to three players.

The graphics are going to be fully 3D, but still hold homage to the originals; along with the original soundtrack that still hits me in the nostalgia feels every time I listen to it. The updated graphics may some-what be a tad overkill for the PlayStation 4, but they should still look beautiful on your 4K TV.

We are also lucky that there is not long to wait until we can get a first look ourselves. Secret of Mana HD is being released on the PlayStation 4, Ps Vita and on PC (Steam) on the 15th February 2018. So bookmark this date and expect to see a first impressions review on GoneFullGeek shortly after.

If you are an eager-beaver; if you pre-order Secret of Mana now, you can get some extra goodies on release day such as:

  • 3 x DLC Items: Moogle Suit, Tiger Two Piece and a Tiger Suit
  • 3 x Character Avatars: Randi, Primm and Popoi – which are all PSN exclusives


Graphics Comparisons

Nothing says “Remake” then having some side-by-side screenshots to compare against the original.


12 Minute Secret of Mana HD Gameplay Preview


Are you excited to go back down memory lane with a remastered version of one of the best RPG games of the 1990s? Let us know in the comments below!

As always, for all your gaming news, stick with GoneFullGeek and we will see you next time.