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Currently reading: N64 Mod: GoldenEye 007 meets Super Mario 64

N64 Mod: GoldenEye 007 meets Super Mario 64

Ever wanted to play through GoldenEye 007 as Super Mario?

Well, one fan couldn’t resist the temptation; and has now created a hybrid of FPS perfection, by crossing two of my favourite N64 games; GoldenEye 007 and Super Mario 64.

GoldenEye Super Mario 64 - Article Full Banner

Just imagine gunning down Koopa Troopas with the iconic PP7. Perfect, right?!


Now watch your imagination come-to-life in this trailer:


“The Name’s Mario. Super Mario…”

GoldenEye 007 is one of my all-time favourite games. Even today, over 20 years after it’s initial release, there are very few First-Person Shooters that achieve the same level of excitement, and certainly movie tie-in authenticity. Plus, there were a nice amount of “forth wall” elements in there too – like finding the GoldenEye VHS tape in the Bunker 2 level.

GoldenEye Mario

Then we have Super Mario 64. Another superb game, and another must-own for any Nintendo 64 owners back in the late 90s. I had it, and there’s a good chance that – if you owned an N64 – you had this game too.


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Now, thanks to a dedicated fan (StupidMarioBros1Fan), some epic changes have been made to the single-player campaign.

All character skins have been reworked. You play as Mario, as he steps into the shoes of James Bond himself. Then there’s Luigi as the villainous Alec Trevelyan, Princess Peach standing-in for Natalya Simonova, Bowser replacing General Ourumov. Plus, I’m sure I saw Yoshi in there somewhere too.

GoldenEye Super Mario 64 - Files

There’s also, Waluigi as the unstoppable henchman; Jaws, and all other enemy guards have been re-skinned as Koopa Troopas.

For added authenticity and to suit the new aesthetic, the story/dialogue has also been tweaked to suit a more Mario-esque shooter.


Multiplayer Madness

Fret not. The classic GoldenEye multiplayer has also had a complete overhaul.

All characters have been given the Mario treatment once again, with the multiplayer party favourite; Oddjob, being swapped out for Wario.

GoldenEye Super Mario 64 - Gallery Full Width 7

Plus, you can now gun-down, or slap (if you prefer) your closest friends in the world of Super Mario 64. It’s time to rekindle the FPS multiplayer madness from the 90s. Share this article with your friends, and let them know that the impossible has happened.

GoldenEye 007 just got even better, thanks to Mario & co. and the dedicated, modding community.


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This has sparked my excitement for game modding once again, so I’ll be having a look for other examples of great mods in the future.

For now, why not have a browse of our other Gaming news.



Source: N64 Today