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Currently reading: Marvel’s Spider-Man – PS4 Teaser Trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man – PS4 Teaser Trailer

A Spidey Tingling Teaser

After what feels like forever, we finally have another trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man game.

At Sony’s Paris Games Week showcase event, avid gamers got their next glimpse of of the witty web-slinger, with a more story focused trailer.

A PlayStation 4 exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man looks set to be the best gaming iteration of the comic book hero to-date.

Spider-Man Logo - Article Full Banner

This all-new take on the iconic, friendly neighbourhood acrobatic wall-crawler, comes from the great minds of Insomniac Games; developers of the popular and highly-enjoyable Ratchet & Clank series, working directly with Marvel and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

No pun intended, but the footage shown within this trailer truly is; something to marvel at.

Watch the trailer below:


Spider-Man Like Never Before

Aside from the usual web-slinging, wall-crawling, back-flipping antics you would associate with a Spider-Man game; it also appears there will be a much stronger focus on free-running/parkour. As well as intense – what appears to be non-lethal – combat. Bespoke interactions with the surrounding environment and blockbuster-style quick-time events.

Spider-Man - Gallery Full Width

This will be a brand-new and unique adventure, with an experienced Peter Parker, and a well established Spider-Man. Although managing his chaotic career and personal life is what Peter Parker is all about, the masked hero you portray; is more capable and comfortable fighting the crime-ridden streets of New York City.


A New Suit. A Unique Story. An Amazing Spider-Man.

Not only are you already the master of your skills and senses, but Sony have stated that throughout the story, you will meet familiar characters; in unfamiliar roles. This will likely lead to new and different relationships, that will evolve as the story progresses.

Insomniac Games aren’t known for doing things small. If they’re involved, you know that a lot of heart and effort will have gone into the project – and Marvel’s Spider-Man looks to be no exception.

Players will be immersed in an expansive open-world, fuelled by a rich narrative and populated with colourful characters and explosive action set-pieces; more akin to big-screen blockbusters.


The Good, The Bad and the Other Spider-Man…

In this new trailer, we see Peter Parker‘s Spider-Man leaping through the air, battling villains.

Spider-Man Leap - Gallery Full Width

We get closer – albeit brief – glimpse at the main villain; Mister Negative

Mister Negative - Gallery Full Width

… as well as Wilson Fisk (a.k.a. the Kingpin), and plenty of hired goons.

Goon 1 - Gallery Full Width

In addition to all that, we finally see Peter Parker meet Miles Morales (another iteration of Spider-Man), which seems to hint at a much more in-depth and integral story for the character.

Miles Morales - Gallery Full Width

Maybe they’ll cross-paths and team-up as their masked alter-egos.

In conclusion, we finally have a better understanding of the story that awaits; and while we had less gameplay to fix our eyes on, it seems like this is a PlayStation exclusive to add to your list.


What did you think of the latest trailer though?

Let me know what you thought was most noteworthy and comment below.


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