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Currently reading: Kingdom Hearts 3 First Impression – Was the wait worth it?

Kingdom Hearts 3 First Impression – Was the wait worth it?

I am going to be honest with you, I’ve never played a Kingdom Hearts game before, but I am extremely excited for Kingdom Hearts 3!

Kingdom Hearts 3 First Impression - Was the wait worth it?

After previewing numerous trailers and screenshots of Kingdom Hearts 3 over the past few months, I couldn’t wait to visit the miniature inspired worlds that Disney are fantastic at creating. But before you jump into any game play; you are greeted with many in-game cut scenes to explain the events that have happened until this moment.

Sadly, this was the biggest issue I came across. I didn’t know the story! I have no clue what Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy have been up to previously. But… there is a silver lining! As the past events are mentioned quite frequently during the first few hours of playing you can kind of guess what is going on and why Sora is facing a new adventure.

With that being said, here are my thoughts of Kingdom Hearts 3 after playing for over 4 hours.

Visuals / Graphics

There visuals are pretty standard and can’t be compared to the likes of Red Dead Redemption II. With the game utilising the Unreal Engine I was hoping that they could have done more in terms of better texturing of the characters and environments. It would have been awesome to feel like you were in a Disney Pixar animated movie. But sadly that isn’t the case.

Some of the characters you come across do look like they have come straight from a PS2 game which is a real shame.

Hercules and the gang!
Hercules and the gang!

But it’s not all bad, one element of the game that is beautiful though; the never-ending cut scenes. Especially the opening music video that sets the tone for the whole game. I know a lot of people think this is just some game for children as it features lovable Disney characters, but it has quite a dark setting which the video showcases.


Thankfully this isn’t a turn based game like a majority of the work put out by Square Enix. Action combat is one of my favourite ways to kick-ass; and Kingdom Hearts 3 does it perfectly

The combat system is quite tricky to understand at first but the games tutorial system explains everything perfectly.

As you are battling your way through the story with your companions Donald Duck and Goofy; you can pull off some stunning attack combos! For example you can summon a Pirate Ship, you can ride Pegasus and ride magic tea cups just to name a few. They also bring a lot of colour to the combat!

Overall I am quite impressed with the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts 3, but it would be cool to see some action based combo, similar to what was in Spider-Man.


With this being a game from the masters of music, Square Enix… you can only hope that the sound track is good. Especially when they bring in the Queen of J-Pop Hikaru Utada and EDM supreme DJ Skrillex.

You can also sense a lot of influence from the folks at Disney as it just sounds like you are in one of their movies, which is absolute fantastic.

Two of my favourite tracks are both by Hikaru Utada, Don’t Think Twice and Face My Fears which you can sample below!

Replayability / DLC

Like most single player games, you can play Kingdom Hearts 3 in a multitude of different difficulties. But there is a hidden gem to make your play-through a little bit harder. You can actually disable the ability to gain experience so Sora, Donald and Goofy will not level up and gain additional HP.

Along with this, I can only anticipate that there will be some DLC depending on how well the game performs sales wise. It is Disney after all! Maybe we can visit some different Disney setting, along with Star Wars and the Marvel Universe. It is still early days yet, so watch this space!

Closing Thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 3

What I’ve played of Kingdom Hearts 3 so far has been enjoyable. As I mention, I would personally not play this game unless you have played the others. But if you love Disney and have time to burn before other big titles come out such as The Division 2 or Anthem. It is worth picking up.

I would love to know your thoughts on my overall score for Kingdom Hearts 3. Drop a comment or two below and lets start a conversion.

Oh and before I forget, we have just kicked-off our new podcast. A conversation about geek, by geeks, for geeks. We would love to have your feedback!

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