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Currently reading: True Gaming Perfection: Mass Effect 2

True Gaming Perfection: Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2

Onto another one of my favourites now, and a prime example of Gaming Perfection; the Mass Effect franchise. In particular, Mass Effect 2. For me, Mass Effect 2 is the best game out of the lot (that includes Andromeda) and I’m not the only one that thinks so. With Mass Effect coming in at a great 91 on Metacritic (which is amazing for a first game) Mass Effect 2 reaching an amazing 94, Mass Effect 3 reaching just under at 93, and I guess I have to include it – Mass Effect: Andromeda scoring what I believe to be an extremely generous 71. It’s clear to us that Mass Effect 2 has that little extra something. The near countless hours I’ve spent playing this game is a testament to that; racking up five play-throughs, Mass Effect 2 cemented itself in this list.

Mass Effect 2 - N7

The Story

In Mass Effect 2 you once again take on the role of the infamous Commander Shepard. Our enemy this time, is the rather enigmatic race we know only as ‘The Collectors’ – which we later discover are the remnants of the once great, believed to be extinct “Prothean” species, now almost mindless slaves to the Reapers. Throughout your journey across the Galaxy, you’ll pick up interesting crew mates that you’ll grow to love. From crazy, bad-ass Biotic, Jack, or “Subject Zero” for the cold-hearted amongst you, and a Geth you’d come to know as “Legion,” who very  quickly earns a place in our hearts, all the way to the awesome Artificial Intelligence, “E.D.I” we can’t help but love. And we can’t forget Garrus…

I wonder if he’s ever going to finish those calibrations… What I wouldn’t give to be a member of that crew. Mass Effect 2 is an incredible, story telling masterpiece, throwing multiple moral dilemmas at you, the consequences of which can result in main character deaths that leave you feeling crushed. Just like that feeling you get when you drop an ice-cream after just one lick… Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, Mass Effect 2 is fantastic and absolutely deserves the 94 it scored.