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True Gaming Perfection: Grand Theft Auto V

Back to Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto… I’m not sure if I can think of a more successful game franchise. I think we can all admit that sooner or later, a Grand Theft Auto game makes it into our top ten favourite games. Well that’s definitely the case for everyone at GoneFullGeek. The fist ever GTA game I played was GTA III, and boy was that an amazing game! As an eight year old boy, GTA III was the best thing in my life, and it was unlike anything I had ever played.

Over the 12 years between GTA III and GTA V, Rockstar Games’ GTA franchise has taken flight, aiming higher and higher with each installment, with each one making major improvements over the last – in terms of story, character, choice, freedom, gameplay and graphics. There hasn’t been a GTA game I haven’t liked, although I did find that “The Lost and Damned” and “The Ballard of Gay Tony” were both dull, but I think that was because I found both of the protagonists unlikable.
When Rockstar Games announced Grand Theft Auto V, we were ecstatic, and for good reason…

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

For us, GTA-V is one of the greats. This game has set a new standard for open world role playing games and four years after its release, we’re still playing it regularly and it hasn’t lost what makes it special. The world those geniuses at Rockstar have given us is astounding, from stunning visuals and a rich story; this game raises the bar for all things free roam. The gameplay feels fluid, and the environment around you feels alive. You could be walking down a random high street and I’ve no doubt you’d see something new and awesome. Or at the very least, something that you might not have noticed before. From inappropriate slogans on billboards, to abusive pedestrians.

The people around you react to each-other, and you – which greatly helps to immerse you in this amazingly detailed world. Another thing we like, is the range of choice your inner criminal is presented with. From stealing cars and robbing liqueur stores, to all out shootout between cops and gang members, with an enormous arsenal of weapons. Or maybe, if you’re like my brother, you’ll walk into a connivance store with a flare gun, shoot the clerk and listen to him scream as he burns to death. Then talk with your friends about the hilarity of how someone at Rockstar Games has recorded those sounds and likely listed the audio clips them under titles he’d imagine to be like: Burning man 1, Burning Woman 1, Burning Dog, Burning Cat, and so on…

In case you’re wondering, no, he isn’t normal.


The Characters

GTA V Characters

In our favourite GTA game, you control not one, but three incredible characters; each with their own unique personality, back story, and special skill set. Although these characters are in many ways opposites, they tie together beautifully and create one hell of a dynamic within the campaign. Whilst you’re controlling one character, say Franklin. The other two’s lives progress – Which often adds an element of humour to the characters. Especially Trevor, who’s voiced by the awesome Steven Ogg.

I’ve often switched to him and found him either passed out on a mountain top, wearing a dress and holding a bottle of whiskey, or he’s been tying some poor soul to the supporting legs of a pier as the tide comes rolling in. Aside from the incredible campaign, there are also a great number of side activities in which to engage. It’s quite possible to explore the state of San Andreas for hours without moving the main story forward a stitch. In fact, that’s part of the fun. Not to mention the online aspect of the game.

The Music

The soundtrack for GTA-V is pretty great, but the radio… Well, that’s not so great. In fact, I don’t think they’ll ever beat GTA-III and Vice City in terms of radio content. The radio hosts in GTA-III were hilarious. In Vice City, the music played was total perfection. Both important to any GTA player. Yet, GTA-V’s radio hosts are occasionally funny, and they have maybe one good song every 20 minutes.

I understand that it must cost Rockstar a lot of money to by the rights to play certain music in their games. But c’mon, look at the profits they make from these games. They’re making millions from these games, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that GTA-VI will gave some great music.

Grand Theft Auto – ONLINE

Although it has its issues, GTA-Online is a resounding success. All of us at GoneFullGeek have had so many good times playing this game together, from bouts of hysterical laughter, to infuriating & friendship straining moments where someone (definitely not our friend BRINDLE) can’t stop blowing up his own car, & often the car of one of us along with it. Let’s be honest, you all have a Brindle in your Crew. But if you don’t have one of those, I bet you have a Maccy. Ya’ know, one of those deranged psychopaths that can’t resist showing you his sticky bombs… Up close. Or likes to play Tag… With homing missiles.
Anyway, I digress. Take away those deranged friends and GTA-Online is great.

Overall, this game is near perfect & if you haven’t played it… Well, you’ve been living under a rock and should seriously re-evaluate you life.