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Currently reading: Epic Games Is Ending Support For Paragon

Epic Games Is Ending Support For Paragon

It’s a sad time as Epic Games is ending support for Paragon. This came quickly after Epic Games announced it was shifting a lot of its developers onto one its most popular titles Fortnite.

Epic Games Ending Support For Paragon

As Fortnite is currently one of the most popular games at the moment; Epic Games has decided to shut down Paragon so it can focus all of its efforts on its main title. Paragon was a free-to-play game available on the PC and PS4 but has been struggling for a long time.

With the MOBA market being dominated by the likes of League of Legends or DOTA 2, another game trying to put its own spin on the genre has failed again. In Epic Games open letter they explain that they weren’t able to deliver on all the promises they made to their fans. It also touches on that they were struggling to maintain its player base to ensure that Paragon stayed sustainable.

Epic Games will shut down Paragon‘s servers on the 23rd April 2018; and for any players wishing to seek a refund you can visit their support portal. The good news is that in this case, Epic Games isn’t a struggling developer as Fortnite is making them a small fortune currently. So more games may come in the future!

Paragon Launch Trailer

As you can see, Paragon was visually a beautiful game. Epic Games went all out with its original promotion and back in 2015 there were plenty of MOBA’s available to compete against. In my opinion it lasted way longer then it should have.


Many MOBA games have come and gone over the years. Yes it is a sad time when a game that has a lot of potential closes; but there are plenty of games out there that can replace Paragon quite easily. If you liked the 3rd person style that Paragon had to offer; Smite may be a game to switch to… and it’s free-to-play as well!

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