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Currently reading: Detroit: Become Human – Gameplay Trailer

Detroit: Become Human – Gameplay Trailer

More Human than Human?

Another highly-anticipated game received a cracking trailer at Sony’s Paris Games Week showcase. Detroit: Become Human, is Quantic Dream‘s next interactive drama – set to join the ranks of both Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit.

Detroit Become Human - Article Full Banner

We now have a confirmed release window of Spring 2018, for this intense narrative-driven game.

Furthermore, in addition to this great news; we also got a glimpse of the difficult decisions we will face in the game. As expected, director David Cage, has not disappointed.


Check out the gameplay trailer, featuring the return of Kara, as well as some new characters:


Tough Choice, Traumatic Trailer

In the gameplay we see Kara, an android who lives with a human family. Todd and Alice – father and daughter.

Todd is a very aggressive individual who swears at his daughter, and becomes physically violent towards her. As Kara, the player must decide how to approach the situation. Do you stand up to Todd, and prevent him from harming his daughter? Or, do you follow the android rule-book; and not intervene?

I found this trailer somewhat difficult to watch due to its nature. Based on this, it proves that french-developers; Quantic Dream, have hit the emotional nail-on-the-head.

If a trailer; that counts-in at 3 minutes and 11 seconds, can engage me and make me feel sickened by what is happening, leading me to want to stop the atrocious events unfolding, then what will the entire game do?

Detroit: Become Human feels very much in the same vein as the developers 2010 predecessor; Heavy Rain – which very much put me through the emotional-ringer.

Although I never played Quantic Dream‘s 2013 release; Beyond: Two Souls, I now feel the need to see how that game played out. Visit and subscribe to GoneFullGeek on YouTube, and watch my colleagues’ Beyond: Two Souls gameplay.


Following on the heels of Blade Runner 2049that we very much loved, I for one; cannot wait for Spring next year to arrive. I’ll be locked away in my room, playing both Detroit: Become Human, and Red Dead Redemption II.

Sony really have hit it out of the park this year, in addition to Detroit: Become Human, we have also had more teasing trailers for both; The Last of Us: Part II and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

What did you think of the latest trailer for Quantic Dream‘s upcoming neo-noir interactive-drama?

Let me know what you thought was most noteworthy and comment below.


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