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Currently reading: Story Trailer & Release Date for New God of War Announced

Story Trailer & Release Date for New God of War Announced

God Of War is Coming Sooner Than Expected!

PlayStation owners rejoice! The next instalment into the widely loved, hugely anticipated God of War franchise, finally has a release date. Sony have taken their time with it, and I was expecting God of War to be released some time late this year. But instead, Kratos will smash his way into our lives this year on the 20th of April!

God of War Banner


First announced at E3 2016, fans all around the world have been eagerly awaiting more news about this huge title. Well it won’t be long before we have our hands on it, and we’ll see just how amazing it is. But judging from the first gameplay reveal alone, this game will be epic.

Taking Kratos out of Greek Mythology and throwing him into Norse Mythology is a bold move, and it had a few people worried. But I have faith in the developers and so should you, the game looks amazing and I’ve no doubt that the story, gameplay and characters will all be fantastic.

The fine folks over at Santa Monica Studio have had a year to fine tune everything and make the game as beautiful as possible, and now the last few months will be being use to put the finishing touches on an already beautiful game. I can’t wait to see just how incredible God of War will be.


“Can You Kill Something That Big?”

Along with a new release date, we also got a brand new story trailer. One that I’m sure will get the juices flowing.

Check it out below:

I love a well written story, and this looks amazing to me. On a mission to carry out the last wish of his wife, Kratos is tasked with carrying his late wife’s ashes to the highest peak in the realms. Along the way, the journey he must take with his son will be long, difficult and full or danger. All of which I can’t wait to experience.

But what I’m most excited for, is exploring the dynamic between father and son and seeing how their relationship changes over the course of the game. How will the boy react when he learns his true nature?


Out of all the God of War games, which one is your favourite? Are you happy about the release date and are you hyped for this new title as much as I am?

Swing your axe to the comments below and let us know!

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