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Currently reading: Resident Evil 2: The Opening Hour

Resident Evil 2: The Opening Hour

It’s finally here! The highly anticipated remake of the 1998 classic, Resident Evil 2. Ever since the announcement of RE2, I’ve been dying to get back into the zombie infested, Raccoon City. As my favourite Resident Evil character; Leon S. Kennedy. He’s been my favourite ever since I first played Resident Evil 4 (my second favourite instalment after RE7). But the question is: where will RE2 land on the scale of undead awesomeness?

As of right now, I’m roughly seven hours into my first play-through of Leon’s story. But don’t worry, I won’t be spoiling anything for those of you that haven’t played it yet. I’m just mentioning a few things in the first hour or so, but check back as I’ll have lots more to say when I finish the game.

The Opening Hour

Within the first hour, I’d had several moments where I’m sat on the edge of my seat in total darkness, tense and scared. Be it wandering around that old, almost antique police station, littered with corpses that may or may not be dead. Or the moans of zombies, the hissing of Lickers or even the wind and rain blowing through the windows. Along with the creaking of the floors and doors, doesn’t half give you a sense of dread.

Even the first few minutes are pretty intense. Walking through the fuel station and having your first encounter with a zombie is a fine way to begin the game. As it tears the officer’s throat out and looks up at you with a mouthful of flesh, the detail in it’s face is fantastic. Taking that single zombie out is one thing, but leaving the station is another. As you leave the room it quickly becomes apparent that there’s more than one.

With Capcom‘s new RE Engine, the visuals are stunning. The photo-realistic graphics are incredible and really help to bring Raccoon City to life. Or not… depending on how you look at it. The outside surfaces in the constant rain look fantastic. The way the light bounces off cars and broken windows, just everything about the look of this game make it so easy to forget that you’re playing a game.

Here’s my first hour gameplay. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments section below. Feel free to check out more on our Gaming Page.