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Currently reading: Magic Faraway Tree Movie In The Works

Magic Faraway Tree Movie In The Works

From Darkest Peru to The Enchanted Wood

After more than 78 years of sitting on the bookshelves of children’s bedrooms, Enid Blyton‘s tale of fantastical wonder and exploration is coming to the silver screen. That’s right! I’m talking about The Magic Faraway Tree series.

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Climbing the Adventure, Branch by Branch

Simon Farnaby, writer of Paddington 2 and comedy series; Yonderland, will be penning the script, and help bring another children’s classic to the screen.

Farnaby is very excited to have this opportunity, saying:

“The Magic Faraway Tree books are a firework display of the imagination. The pages are lit up with wonderful characters, humour, peril and adventure.”

British production company; Neal Street Productions – that was set up by American Beauty and Skyfall director; Sam Mendes, in 2003 – has licensed all four novels in the series for production.

Read by many generations of children and parents alike, it may surprise you to know that this will be the first time the iconic 1943 novel; Enid Blyton, will be adapted for the big screen.


A Faraway Franchise

The first of the four novels; The Enchanted Wood, was written by Blyton in 1939, followed by The Magic Faraway Tree in 1943, The Folk of the Faraway Tree in 1946 and lastly, Up the Faraway Tree in 1951.

Based on StudioCanal‘s CEO; Danny Perkins stating that:

“Enid Blyton’s work is timeless,”

and going on to say:

“…we very much look forward to bringing enduring family classics to audiences worldwide.”

It looks like the StudioCanal are in this for the long-run, likely planning to adapt all four instalments in the series, as well as potentially exploring other Blyton novels.

Magic Faraway Tree - Cover

This news has me both excited and concerned…



…because StudioCanal and the folks behind the recent Paddington movie adaptations; are seeking to explore The Enchanted Wood and beyond.

Not only will this bring with it some wonderful visuals, but will hopefully encapsulate the pure wonder that the novels created, as well as bring the same charm and warmth that we had with Paddington and the recently released sequel.



…because this is a series of books that I hold dear to my heart.

Having had them read to me at a young age, and since read them to my own son (and GoneFullGeek apprentice), its safe to say I have high expectations.

Very few movies have captured the essence of the written word that has come before it, and even fewer; perfected the translation of what was seen in the minds-eye of the reader.

That said, having watched and enjoyed both Paddington movies, I feel reasonably happy with whom will be developing the adaptation.

Furthermore, I’m just looking forward to seeing Old Saucepan Man and Roundabout Land on the silver screen.


Are you a reader of Enid Blyton’s works? If so, are you looking forward to this upcoming adaptation?

Let us know in the comments below.


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