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Currently reading: A 9th Dark Tower Novel? Stephen King thinks so…

A 9th Dark Tower Novel? Stephen King thinks so…

Return to Mid-World

Hile fellow Gunslingers!

Gather round the campfire once more, and hear a tale that will sweeten them-there eardrums.

Fear not the distant rumblings of the Starkblast on the horizon, nor the growling wolves that lurk in the darkness, for we are here to speculate on the return on the last Gunslinger of Gilead; Roland Deschain.

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You read true. From the mouth of Sai King himself; a ninth novel in The Dark Tower series may be brewing, say thankee.


One Last Round in the Wheel?

Stephen King is one of the greatest writers ever to grace any bookshelf, or readers’ eye.

I have read many of his works, and although I still have a good few to read before I have caught up; I can say with confidence that his magnum opus; The Dark Tower, is pure reading perfection.

Although the final novel in the series; The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower, was written 13 years ago (published in 2004), King did delight fans by returning to Roland and his ka-tet in 2012. The Wind Through The Keyhole was his eighth entry in the series, with this tale sitting between Volume IV and V.

I remember casting my vote for a return to Mid-World on Stephen King’s very own website, back in what must-have been 2010-ish?! He had asked his readers what his next novel should be. A sequel to The Shining, or another novel set in The Dark Tower universe?

Of course I voted for the latter, even though it was a difficult decision to make.

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And now, my fellow Dark Tower junkies, it looks like we may return to Mid-World once more.

At a book-signing for King’s latest novel; Sleeping Beauties – that he has co-written with his son; Owen King, the author was asked the question every Dark Tower fan has pondered… will he write one more Dark Tower story?

Stephen King replied to the question, confirming:

“Yes, I think that might happen.”


I know, this sounds too good to be true. So to settle your speculation, here is the video footage:

Yes, he didn’t say it definitely will happen. He said it might happen. Fingers-crossed it does.


Novel Idea & Dark Tower Tales

I know that The Dark Tower movie that recently released didn’t get the best critical response, nor box-office draw. Although, I thought it was a good foundation on which to build the remaining entries in the series, hopefully more akin to the novels themselves though.

But it looks like those yella-bellied studio executives have cold-feet, as there are whisperings that the much-talked-about TV adaptation, will act as a reboot for the story.

What ever the powers-that-be decide, I just hope it results in another on-screen return to Mid-World. Ideally with the HBO level of quality and treatment.

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Talkin’ and Tumbleweeds

If Stephen King does return to The Dark Tower series, what would you be hoping for?

A detailed depiction of The Battle of Jericho Hill, and the final showdown between the Gunslingers and John Farson‘s faction?

A story that looks deeper into the past of Walter O’Dim (a.k.a. the Man in Black)?

Or would you rather explore new, uncharted areas of Mid-WorldEnd-World and All-World, with a new protagonist(s), where the events run alongside the existing story of Roland and his search for The Dark Tower?


I’d very much like to palaver with you, so please comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading. May you have long days, and pleasant nights.