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Currently reading: Stranger Things: Season 2 – Final Trailer

Stranger Things: Season 2 – Final Trailer

Things Are About to Get Stranger

For those of you who watched last year’s Netflix sleeper-hit; Stranger Things, I know you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of season 2.

The Duffer Brothers (Matt and Ross) took Netflix by storm last year; with their nostalgia-fulled sci-fi/horror TV series.

Set in the 80s, the entire show had the same fantastic vibe I get when watching movies and TV series from the past. And now, season 2 is coming…

Stranger Things Season 2 - Article Full Banner

Stranger Things seemed to hit every note perfectly. The 80s setting, the grainy aesthetic, the Stephen King-esque terror and character development, oh; and who could forget the pitch-perfect retro soundtrack?!

If you haven’t yet watched the first season of Stranger Things, then I strongly recommend you do. It really does justify subscribing to Netflix, and with season 2 on the horizon; now is as good-a-time as any.

Anyway, as you can see in the trailer below; things are about to get stranger once again. For the residents of Hawkins, their world; is about to turn… ∩dsᴉpǝ-poʍu.

Well, that looks awesome, right?!



Picking up one year after the events of season 1, the gang appears to have some new recruits who will be helping fight the coming threat.

At one point, Lucas says:

“It’s judgement day, which is why we need as much help as we can get.”


Since his traumatic experience in the first season, Will is clearly still suffering terrifying repercussions from his time in the Upside-Down. But, the most exciting part for me; was the return of… Eleven.

We also see Hopper, Mike, Nancy, Jonathan, and a gigantic tentacle creature – the main threat of season 2?!

Although season 2 has expanded it’s already impressive cast, I am extremely excited and can’t wait to see both Paul Reiser (the slimy company man; Burke, from Aliens), and Sean Astin (The Goonies, The Lord of the Rings) make their appearance in season 2.

Get ready to return to the woɹlp oɟ ʇɥǝ ∩dsᴉpǝ poʍu on October 27th 2017.

Now, as Will says towards the end of the trailer…

“You should go now. It’s almost here.”

Stranger Things Season 2 - Poster

Are you excited for the return of Stranger Things? What are you hoping to see?

Let me know, and comment below.


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