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Slender Man – Trailer Review

The Creation

The Slender Man, created almost a decade ago in 2009 is finally hitting the big screen. The film is set to be released in the US on the eighteenth of May 2018.

The Slender Man was created by Erik Knudsen under the pseudonym “Victor Surge”. He uploaded two photoshopped images onto the Something Awful internet forum, in hopes of winning a competition.

This was the birth of the Slender Man and over a short period of time, all types of imaginings of the Slender Man burst out over various types of media. So far; a YouTube Web Series has been created (Marble Hornets), Multiple Slender Man games (such as Slender: The Eight Pages and Slender Rising 2), there has been a documentary (Beware the Slender Man), and now he is making his debut on the silver screen.


The Trailer



What is the Slender Man?

This begs the question, what is the Slender Man? As there is no official canon for this character it seems to depend on what medium the character is being shown which determines his description, and abilities. Over the years his description and abilities have steadily evolved.

In Marble Hornets, he was a faceless man in a suit with long extended limbs. The backstory in this video web series is the one I am most familiar with.

The story is – once, the Slender Man was just a man. However, due to his crimes (possibly the abduction of children), he was tied by his arms and legs to the tops of tall trees. This is where he was left, in excruciating pain, until death. Now you know why Slender Man’s limbs are extended. Somehow, while hanging in the trees he turned into what we know as the Slender Man. Possibly his will for revenge transforming him into this creature allowing him to kidnap people.

He also has the abilities to corrupt electrical equipment and gets inside the heads of his prey. Other mediums, for example, posters show him with tentacles protruding from his back. This essentially was created to better aid him in catching his prey. Not that he needs any help with the length of those arms he has.


The Latest Victim

The trailer opens up with an array of disturbing images. After the title sequence, shots of the woods/cemetery are shown alongside an ear pitching tone. Then, there is a voice over and the story starts to reveal itself.

“Where is my daughter?”

The latest victim has been taken, search patrols are out in the woods, possibly the woods he was strung up in. No-one seems to know what is going on, she has seemingly vanished.

Then, you take a look in her room. There is a mobile of hanging home-made people resembling Slender Man. Somewhat creepy, but the real icing on the cake is the wall full of drawings of various incarnations (which lore could they be going for) of the Slender Man.

From what I’ve seen before the Slender Man likes to play with his prey. No doubt he has stalked the little girl feeding on her fear.

Can you see HIM?

“He gets in your head, like a virus.”

Moments after hearing this you see a girl screaming in a hospital bed, and another scraping a felt tip marker writing the word HIM. Random disturbing images flit on the screen, possibly hallucinations he has created. Young children are scared, and fatally injuring themselves.

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the Slender Man appears, he is shrouded in mist, in the deep dark forest. They don’t want to give too much away but he’s there, in all his glory. Time for a close-up. You get a full shot of his featureless face in the dark just before he extends his tentacles attacking his prey.

The next shot shows a different girl walking out of the woods looking traumatised. Black liquid is all down her chin while various images flash on the screen. Begs the question what the Slender Man is doing with these children.

This paranormal figure has gained a mass following from all types of media, could Slender Man be the next massive horror franchise? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Have you played any of the games, or seen any of the aforementioned shows?


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