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Currently reading: New Mutants Trailer – Easter Eggs

New Mutants Trailer – Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

If you are familiar with the comics and characters, then you will have probably noticed all the little nods in this trailer. However, if this is all new to you, then read on and discover several Easter Eggs and see just how close to the source material this trailer is.

New Mutants


First up, we have a nice little reference to the front cover of The New Mutants comic, Vol. 1 #38. You can make out on the middle grave the numbers 138.

The New Mutants


The Demon Bear

The film is said to be derived from The Demon Bear arc and if you pay close attention then there is no mistaking its presence here.

Danielle Moonstar was the first New Mutant to suffer at the claws of The Demon Bear. Paying close attention you can see a bear totem on her necklace.

In another scene, the doctor appears to be on the floor with large claw marks that have ripped through her face. Could this be the work of The Demon Bear or has Wolfsbane lost control?

Although there is no mistaking its presence with the shot of Danielle lead in the snow, this scene is very reminiscent of the scene in New Mutants #18.



Rahne Sinclair is a Scottish Catholic and is deeply religious in the comics. Her father is the priest and upon discovering she was a mutant, he formed a mob to hunt her down and execute her. Now, the film cannot go into everyone’s backstory and still have the same feel, it would just become an origin story.

However, they can reference where they came from, and so far, from the trailer alone, they’re doing a spectacular job. You may have noticed the branded “W” on Rahne‘s back, in the scene where she is going to the shower. This is to signify that she has been ostracised from her religion. Yes, it is not quite the same as being hunted down and murdered, but keeping in theme with the comics give me chills.

The New Mutants


In the comics, Kitty Pryde had a dragon as a companion. This dragon’s name is Lockheed, and he wasn’t too much of a dragon, he just sort of looked like one. Lockheed is an alien whose appearance resembles that of a purple, cat-sized dragon.

Kitty Pryde discovered him on an alien planet when she and the other X-Men were captured. Lockheed resembles another dragon that Kitty had told Illyana about in a fairy tale, previous to this encounter.

There is a scene of a young girl that very much resembles Illyana, lead on a bed cuddling a teddy dragon. It has not yet been confirmed, but I believe this is indeed Illyana. This scene is a nice reference to Lockheed, but could also be referring to Illyana‘s backstory. You see, due to living in Limbo, Illyana aged about seven years in a moment’s time on Earth.

The New Mutants


Down Below

Sam Guthrie‘s father was a miner, and when he died, Sam had to provide for his family. So he too went down the mines to provide, and this is where his powers manifest for the first time.

Now, if you are paying very close attention, you will see that Sam is surrounded by miners in this scene. There is also a quick shot of a pickaxe being swung. Great nod to Sam’s past and possible antagonists for a side plot. Could they have come to take him back down below?

The New Mutants


Out of Control

Danielle Moonstar appears to be the main focus of the trailer. In the comics, Dani has no control over her powers leading to her creating illusions of the townspeople by accident. This is referenced as the doctor is speaking to her.

“Do you know baby rattle snakes are more dangerous than adult ones. They haven’t learnt how to control how much venom to secrete.”

This could be what the ‘haunted house’ is.


The Right

An anti-mutant supremacy organisation may, or may not be an antagonist within this film. I am so hoping they are and am of course referring to the man in the smiley-faced mask.

There is nothing more frightening than seeing a smile when being attacked. The feeling that this person is enjoying what they are doing. The name of this organisation is The Right, and their goal is to carry out the destruction of all mutants.

The New Mutants


So, are you pleased they are sticking to the source material? How do you think The Demon Bear will be portrayed? Which were your favourite Easter Eggs? Did you See any Easter Eggs we’ve missed? Let us know and get involved.

Comment below with your theories and check out our trailer review for The New Mutants.

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