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Currently reading: First Trailer For Dwayne Johnson’s Movie Adaption of Rampage

First Trailer For Dwayne Johnson’s Movie Adaption of Rampage

It’s finally here, after all the build up. We now have a first look of the movie adaption of Rampage featuring the one and only: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Movie Adaption of Rampage

Inspired by the popular arcade game by Bally Midway, which was released in 1986. Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema have released the first trailer of the long awaited game adaption: Rampage.

Dwayne Johnson has teamed up once again with director Brad Peyton; after both working together on 2015 blockbuster San Andreas. Rampage has Dwayne Johnson playing as a Primatologist who shares a remarkably close bond with the Ape known as George.

Unexpectedly a canister of some sort is fired in the area where George is being held. It contained some sort of genetic editing toxin which leads to what arcade lovers in 1980’s knew him for the most. Rampaging through the city and destroying everything in site!

Unfortunately George isn’t the only large beast to be terrorising Chicago, there is also a very large Wolf and a Crocodile! Be sure to checkout out the trailer below!

Movie Adaption of Rampage – Trailer #1

Starting along side The Rock, are the following actors:

Rampage will be hitting the big screens on the 20th April 2018. Are you excited for another game adaption? Or will it just be another typical action movie featuring the ever so talented, Dwayne Johnson. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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