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Currently reading: Newest Warcraft Expansion – What’s Next For Azeroth

Newest Warcraft Expansion – What’s Next For Azeroth

The latest Warcraft Expansion has been revealed at Blizzcon 2017 and is titled as “Battle for Azeroth. The Horde vs Alliance rivalry is back on the table!

Warcraft Expansion Showcased - What's Next For Azeroth

Now Blizzcon is over, lets take an in-depth look at what is coming to Warcraft over the next year. As a player of 12 years; this looks to be like one of the best expansions yet; and I am looking forward to how it shapes Azeroth. Feel free to check out our brief overview of all announcements made during the opening ceremony.

The Newest Warcraft Expansion – Battle for Azeroth

Much was revealed to us this year about or next adventure in Azeroth. Be it as Horde or Alliance, the world has changed and war is coming! Not much is revealed to what started the war, but we are prompted with two scenarios. The Battle for Lordaeron could have started due to the Horde burning down Teldrassil.

 Teldrassil burning to the ground!

New Features

All of the new features added to the game.

  1. A new system for sub races has been added. Players will need to unlock them first during a unique storyline for each.
  2. Play as either a Highmountain Tauren, the Nightborne and a Zandalari Troll for the Horde. Lightforged Draenei, Void Elves and Dark Iron Dwarves for the Alliance.
  3. For those who love making alt’s, 6 extra character slots!
  4. New sub races start at level 20 and if you level one to 110 without the use of a boost; you unlock a unique Transmog
  5. You can race change your main character to one of the new sub races as well
  6. Level cap is now 120
  7. Character boosts will instantly give you a level 110 character
  8. Level scaling will be available for every zone in Azeroth
  9. Experience previous expansions in any order you like once you hit level 60
  10. Players can now opt-in for open world PVP; therefore PVP servers will no longer exist.
  11. It looks like they have also straightened the backs for Orcs and Trolls; so they will now stand upright
  12. Voice chat incorporated directly into World of Warcraft. Perfect for your Mythic Plus adventures.

New Content

A collection of the most noticeable content revealed this weekend.

  1. Additional continents have been added, which support level scaling featured in Legion. The Alliance will focus their efforts mainly in Kul Tiras and the Horde will be on Zandalar
  2. Set sail to previously uncharted islands to gather the resources available. These zones are truly dynamic and will play-out differently each time due to improvements in the AI for the NPCs
  3. New dungeons such as Atal’Dazar and Freehold
  4. The artifact weapon you have had through-out the Legion expansion will not transition into Battle for Azeroth. The weapon will be replaced with a necklace called the Heart of Azeroth
  5. Mythic Plus is continuing following its successful implementation for Legion
  6. New battleground called Seething Shore; where players secure Azerite deposits
  7. Warfronts are being added. A new mode inspired by Warcraft RTS battles; be prepared to take part in large scale 20-player battles to claim a key strategic locations

Warcraft Expansion Trailer

Even if you have never played the World of Warcraft before, this trailer should spark some interest. The war between Orcs and Humans has begun and its time to pick a side!

With only just recently taking a break from playing WoW; I will be definitely be making a full-time return once this expansion hits as it has ticked all the right boxes. Let us know in the comments below what you are looking forward to in the next Warcraft expansion: Battle for Azeroth.