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Currently reading: My Top Ten Spider-Man Suits

My Top Ten Spider-Man Suits

Spider-Man Suits

Throughout the years there have been many different suits for the iconic hero we all know and love Spider-Man. Today we are going to take a look at my top ten favourite Spider-Man suits.

I would like to talk about all the costumes, but unfortunately, due to the large scale of different suits, I cannot. If I have missed one of your favourite costumes off this list, then let me know in the comments below.


10) Spider Armour MK.1

Appearing only once in the comic Web of Spider-Man issue #100. Peter used this suit as extra protection in his fight against the new enforcers villain team. There is also an appearance of this suit in the 90’s animated TV series, wherein which I originally saw this suit.

Spider-Man Armour MKI

Personally, this is one of my least favourite costumes – purely due to the bulky look of it. Spider-Man is primarily an agile character, using a lot of jumps incorporated into his fighting style.

However, with this big bulky contraption weighing him down, it just seems to take all the personality of Spider-Man away. Despite this though, due to the costumes unique aesthetic, it is highly memorable; earning its rightful spot on this list.


9) Spider-Man 2099

In the 90’s, a range of comics was created by Marvel set in 2099. These issues were released to put a new spin on many favourite superheroes/villains.

Marvel also had the idea to use these versions as the new versions of the iconic characters, but thankfully, they scrapped that idea. Miguel O’Hara is the Spider-Man of 2099, the first Hispanic iteration of the wall-crawler. He first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man issue #365.

Spider-Man 2099

Miguel O’Hara created his costume before he received his powers. He made the suit from what he called ‘unstable molecules’ fabric. The unit was not intended to be a superhero costume. He originally created it for the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico – making this costume very unique by taking away the traditional emblem and eyes.

This is also the first time Spider-Man has worn a cape, a cape that is designed to look like tattered webbing. This is a very cool suit and a fan favourite, and for this reason gets a spot on my list. However, in my opinion, it does not have the feel of a Spider-Man suit – which is why it sits comfortably at number nine.


8) Iron Spider

A suit created by Tony Stark for Spider-Man during the Civil War series. This suit first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man issue #529. The colour scheme of this suit is red and gold. Of course, due to the fact that Tony Stark created the suit drawing away from the original Spider-Man suit.

Iron-Spider Armour

For me, this takes away a lot of the Spider-Man essence and somewhat turns Spider-Man into an Iron Man sidekick. The best part of the suit, and why it made this list, are the upgrades that help Peter fight crime.

The material the suit is made of is bulletproof, he can see in infrared and ultraviolet, he now has the ability to glide, police scanners have been put in, as well as communicators, carbon filters for toxins and the metal arms from his back. The suit’s design has been changed drastically by Tony, maybe next time he can keep in theme with the wall-crawler.


7) Future Foundation Spider-Man

This suit first appeared in Fantastic Four issue #579 given to Spider-Man upon joining the Future Foundation as Johnny Storm’s last will and testament. The Future Foundation was created by Mister Fantastic to help better the future of the Human race.

Future Foundation Spider-Man

Upon joining you are given a Future Foundation suit made out of third generation unstable molecules. The suit has some neat tricks, for example never becoming dirty and changing its appearance from just the thought of the wearer.

The suit can also reverse its colour scheme for a stealth mode. In my opinion, the suit looks better in stealth mode. Although this suit has its perks, to me the suit just isn’t Spider-Man. Saying that the new design of the emblem pulling out to the edges of his body is a unique idea, and I would like to see that on a more spider-esque suit.


6) Symbiote Suit

This suit first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man issue #252 and lead to creating one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains, Venom. The Symbiote is from outer space and attaches itself to Peter creating the black suit that we all know and love. However, he could not keep this suit due to the corruption caused by the contact with the Symbiote.

Symbiote Costume

The suit is completely black except the classic white eyes and emblem. The emblem gives the suit its character extending the legs around his body to meet the back emblem. This suit also has none of the webbing design. The Symbiote suit has also made its way onto the big screen in Spider-Man 3, however, this film does not do it justice.

This was the first major change in Spidey’s costume and by far the most memorable, and well known. This suit was also recreated by Black Cat because she liked Peter in it that much. In my opinion, this suit should be used only as a stealth suit. It is, however, an iconic suit for the webhead, and that is why it has made its way onto this list.


5) Ben Reilly (Scarlet Spider)

Ben Reilly is the second clone of Spider-Man but the first Scarlet Spider. He made his first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man issue #149, and later in Web of Spider-Man issue #118 as Scarlet Spider. His costume is unique and memorable. Due to this, the design has stuck with fans and made its way onto this list.

Ben Reilly

This suit is mainly comprised of red with the classic white eyes and larger web shooters. He also wears a blue sleeveless hoodie with only one emblem located on his chest. The emblem is a new take being slanted to one side and the webbing is nowhere to be seen. For me, this is one of my favourite Spidey suits having first seen the suit in the 90’s cartoon as a child.


4) Miles Morales (Ultimate Spider-Man)

The new Ultimate Spider-Man first appeared in Ultimate Fallout issue #4 wherein which Peter dies and Miles takes his place as Spider-Man. However, Miles did not have his suit in this issue and receives it from S.H.I.E.L.D later.

Miles Morales

The suit is an awesome new take on the Spider-Man suit replacing the blue with black and only having the web design on the mask and upper chest. There is also a new emblem design on his back of a spider hanging from a thread of webbing. The colour design of his suit is very interesting having mainly made black with red webbing and fingers.

His shoulders have red coming from his chest around to his back separating the webbing from the rest of his body. Despite the colour scheme, however, the eyes are still that classic white that everyone loves.


3) Spider-Man Noir

The Noir comics were created to put a new spin on some of our favourite comic book superheroes. This suit first appeared in Spider-Man Noir issue #1. The style of suit is radically changed due to the era that this comic is set. Set in the Great Depression of 1930’s. The suit is mainly black with the only thing resembling the original costume being the mask and emblem, which is only located on the back of his vest. The eyes are completely different just being some protective goggles.

Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man now uses guns in his fight against crime despite him having the same powers as the original Spidey. In this iteration, Peter is slightly older and has pushed away everyone in his life to protect them. His costume is beside the mask just average clothing rather than a suit that he created.

He wears a grey shirt, dark grey pants, a black vest, black gloves and sometimes a black trench coat and fedora making for a very stylish Spidey. This design of Spider-Man is why he has been placed on this list. I am a big fan of the fedora and trench coat. I actually dressed as this wall-crawler to Comic-Con a few years ago, unfortunately, I have no photos of this.


2) Kaine Parker (Scarlet Spider)

Kaine Parker first appeared in Web of Spider-Man issue #119 (1994). However, he did not become the Scarlet Spider until 2012 in Scarlet Spider issue #2. The Jackal created Kaine from the DNA of Peter making him the very first clone of Peter. However, he was discarded by the Jackal due to signs of degeneration. For a time Kaine was a villain, leaving the Mark of Kaine (a burnt handprint) on his victims faces.

Kaine Spider-Man

Later, his degeneration would be cured, and he would become the new Scarlet Spider with a completely new suit. The suit to me is one of the best spider suits. I am not a fan of the lack of webbing, however,  it does work with the colour scheme. The Scarlet Spider is a much darker colour scheme than that of the original suit.

However, keeping with the same design has a black emblem on his chest and a red one on his back. They have also changed his eyes from the classic white to a scarlet red. This new direction gives him a unique look among the Spider-Men.


1) Classic Spider-Man

The classic Spider-Man suit originally thought up in the 1960’s has survived the test of time. This suit is the most famous. People immediately think of the wall-crawler when seeing this costume – for that reason, and that reason alone is why this suit is number one on this list.

Classic Spider-Man

Everybody likes the classic suit covered in webbing with the classic blue and red colours. There is nothing to dislike about this suit, even with the large bulky emblem on his back. The only things modified have been the emblem and underarm webbing.

This suit has been going for almost 60 years with minor changes, and for that will always be a winner. Apart from the Symbiote suit and nods to the Iron Spider, and Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider it is the main suit of all the films, with tweaks here and there. The original Spider-Man first appeared in Amazing Fantasy issue #15.

Share your thoughts on the aforementioned suits and be sure to stick with GoneFullGeek for all things geeky.

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